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  • A city full of Romanians who are mostly disgusting. If you are the only one in company with Romanians, they will not pay attention to you, but will persistently speak their language. And when you speak some of the Yugoslav languages ​​with someone, they will immediately protest. Employers will rarely give overtime, and it's very difficult to find a job if you come after June 10, because Romanians occupy everything. Plus, the city is great. There is never enough fun, though if you are overbearing, neighbors call the police.

  • Overcrowded, the problem is for another job, too expensive.

  • Ocean City, MD is the perfect location of the East Coast to spend an unforgettable summer. The place where you meet J1 students from all over the world and stay with many memories after meeting them. The location of this place is also close to many famous cities of the East.

  • I went to Ocean City Maryland and that place looks terribly beautiful. It is crowded with international students and it's hard to find a second job if you don't go to the beginning of the season, but it's not impossible. They have an agency out there that organizes very good trips for students. I remember with joy and nostalgia for the two summers spent in the States, I would repeat this experience anytime, if possible. I recommend to all young people to go at least one summer!

  • A city full of j1 students all over the world. There are many Romanians :) Full of clubs, entertainment places, located on the Atlantic Ocean coast. Major cities nearby are Baltimore and Washington. It is very easy to find second job, for those who want more money :D

  • Ocean City- I didn't feel like I am in the US because there are so many Romanians and j1 students. I have the impression I am in Romania :) Otherwise, it is a beautiful town, the ocean, relatively good climate, easy to find second job etc ... but in Colorado it was a 100% American experience

  • It's not extraordinary or a dream destination, pretty expensive to live here ... It was generally a good experience.

  • A city full of life, with many students, especially Romanians. With many clubs, fun places, very nice...

  • Nice place, with a lot of J1 students. Place with a lot of clubs, restaurants, locations for parties, distractions... Possibility to find second job is so big, you can find second job at every step :)

  • Ocean City ... the place where at one point you have the impression that you are in Romania :)) because at the end of the season I think there are more Romanians than Americans or any other nationality. A place full of life, a place where you can not really get bored, a place from where you go with very good memories and experiences, for two summers a second home.

  • I worked in OC, Maryland. It is a great place where you can easily find jobs and accommodation.

  • I liked the place, was very close to the ocean, the beach and bigger cities. There are many students, many places for fun for young people.

  • Ocean City is a very cool place on the coast with many j1 students but there are also Americans, a place with many opportunities, places for fun, clubs, parks, etc. It is close to the great cities worth seeing.

  • The place seems nice to me, but I'm sorry I didn't go anywhere else. There are many things to do here, but a little time to do them. Place with many J1 students, easy to find second job, a lot of Romanians etc ... :)

  • Ocean city is an ocean resort. A small town with lots of tourists. Also a lot of second job opportunities. There are a lot of students working during the summer, Americans, Romans, Serbs, Nepali, Czechs, Irish, Italians have many opportunities to make friends for life! During the summer in the ocean city every weekend are organized specific events such as: bikers weekend, a weekend with antique cars, aviation shows and many more. It is a lively resort full of attractions, where you can not go and do not have memories for life !!

  • So many students, I didn't like that. The second job can be find, that's not a problem, I arrived earlier and had a luckey to find second job. The place is excellent for night out, ocea, a lot of clubs, but ther you can earn only like a server or drinkrunner.

  • An excellent place on the East coast- that is an incredible city! It is most looks like Italian Rimini... there a lot of hotels on the beach, so you have where to go if you look for second job. The city is very alive, so is nice to be there during the summer. The wheather is excellent, but sometimes is too hot..

  • I am in love with Ocean City.

  • I really liked Ocean City, nice city, beautiful beach and ocean.

  • The accommodation was not very ok but I liked the city and the employer I worked for.

  • Ocean City is a city that remains in some 80s 90s tad as rebuilding the rebuilding. The city is too big to get you to work on foot, unless you are some weird but great luck to live near work you get, otherwise you need to buy a bike, or to ride a bus which costs $ 3 a day. If you expect to experience American culture in this city, forget it, this city is alive only during the summer season after the summer there is no living soul, as well as greater nikendate village, it's like you went to Sutomore and expect to cultural upoznanati goods Montenegro. In this town goes middle-class Americans and Chinese. Another drawback of this city is that you store the food very far and you have to go back automusom or by bicycle (which represents one an exhibition, because you have so much time as you work to once every three weeks you can go shopping, and assume that the amount of foods should be transported on a bicycle). When most welcome will delight you long beach with beautiful yellow sand, and the vastness of the ocean where you can not swim, but only to dispose of the waves, because there constantly. Then you realize that the time on the beach there is no single source of shade, although the wind stirs the ocean the sun is so strong that it is enough for 15 minutes to be exposed to the sun whooped like a cancer, if you do not have the protective cream, then somewhere there in July with my family come children who crucify tents on the beach, one-size homes with all the refrigerators, but there's nowhere to put a towel. The ocean is cold as ice, but if you really like to swim as well as I that you would not mind, nor the murky waters of the Danube colored by the fact that in this area there are plenty of "small " sharks that we had a chance to see how people fishing bass from the shallows, but they are not dangerous :) now people who come there .. Not really all that bad, if you live in Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, and somehow you've gotten used to that type of people. If you come in late May early June, you will welcome high school students who could not wait to use your fake ID card to get drunk and take drugs (widely available), and now you if you work in a shop or alcohol as a waiter and sell alcohol underage person even though he has a very convincing ID card follows you quit .. (although there were threats and deportation). When you spend a wave churlish kids why you had to go an hour earlier to work because there is a possibility that you will not fit in the bus as much as any, followed by a wave of elderly gentlemen and the lady who came with no children at home to be well spent and getting drunk at the nearby clubs from morning to night, these people are very difficult as customers and as passengers in public transport, you will see a lot of things ... then comes the golden period mid-July, when they come of families with children, and the peak season when you will earn upwards .. bar so legend says. Now clubs to go out, do not worry there's plenty and they really are great, there are those who make the party all day and it was the best part of Ocean City, or tourists who go there, and not just so, so if you expose students to gather things you work / live and fun is guaranteed.

  • Ocean City is a nice little town on the east coast about halfway between New York and Washington, so the day off you can hop into one of these two cities. The town is adorable and beautiful beaches are unreal and extremely safe, the locals are accustomed to the students, and they are very friendly, we like to help / instructions. It's easy to manage, a small town located in the 144 street, there is a bus and a day ticket is $ 3. However, housing is too expensive in real terms 1600-200 $ majority of $ 1,800 per season, and to whom you encounter, the monopoly run by agencies such as Summer fun, point E, All friends.itd what I overheard, the students were most satisfied with the E point-om. Summer fun and Moldovans Mircea skip, I can not say that it is not fair what I need accommodation ceo paid within a month, and his home last year were junk, I was placed with nine people and there are two bedrooms and a living if the entire house had some 60 square meters, which you will agree is not an ideal solution. Consider the cost of accommodation and the hourly rate from $ 8.75 to $ max 10, but not worth much. More and more students is a service position or basera is extremely difficult to find almost helplessness as an option for another job. Employers rarely pay over time, has a job, everyone who has insisted he was found sooner or later. I'm worried first, crying, after 50 nailed doorway when everyone refuses, but I found myself at the end, do not despond from an experience of you say. The second job is not found only one who did not try hard enough to find it, be persistent, and knock several times on the same door, someone will sooner or later be employed. However, those suspicions about $ 10 000+ mildly forget !!! I know that you are most interested in how much you earn, to work 60-70 hours per week jobs without tip expect that you will pay the accommodation, will pay program, you will travel a little, i will buy a suitcase full of rags and ajd to say that some hiljadarkica $ threatening to the troškarite in Serbia. So I saverujem ocean city only to those people who are not earning a priority, they're somewhere in the third run. Male schedule, with few vacancies TIPS, expensive housing and life.

  • As for Ocean City, a beautiful city, a tourist city that is very long, this would not stressed and it is very important, so that you pay attention where you work and where you will live. It has a bus that regularly goes and everything is great, paid $ 3 a day and there is no option for monthly. For those a little more insistent there is an option to buy a bike, you can buy the new Walmart-in up to $ 100, and are used in many places and there are good and bad, better and cost the same as used and new, I bought a used 90 $ so I would not go to Walmart and sold by the same man for $ 20 at the end of the season, if you decide to buy a bike you should know that the hard drive after flying is very hot and humid, while the wind not to tell you. I'm finally going by bus. This place is good for students who are going for the first time since a lot of students coming in here and it is very popular, and the citizens themselves are oriented towards J1 students, also has a lot of events for tourists and disco should you be interested, and student parties.

  • GOOD: Small city with safe, you can not get lost, there are plenty of places to go out, beautiful beach. BAD: Domestic resort, a lot of older people, there is no bass crazy clubs and crazy fun as in Srbia, there sooo many students during the summer, because the UWT headquarters in Maryland, and OC office and has quite a monopoly, and there are thousands and thousands and thousands of students . At a lot of places, mainly the minimum hourly wage. Because many students may find it difficult to find any other job for a while, you have to be persistent. As for better positions with tips, such as waiters or runners, it really is difficult, due to the large number of students, and a lot of employers that prefer Americans.

  • Ocean City is a small town with one main street, which is a long 15-20 kilometers. The city is nothing special, full of wooden houses (apartments), hotels, restaurants, shops and bars (Americans say that the OC-bar scene, not many clubs or bars at every 50 meters). Purely tourist place in Central and higher class, overlooking the ocean. The climate is oceanic, which means that it is very humid and warm. The average temperature is around 30 degrees, but due to the high percentage of moisture subjective feeling is that the 40+ In Ocean City there is an outlet Tangers which can be found quite cheap and the marked goods (american eagle, adidas, north face etc.), A 40-minute bus is another Tangers outlet center (I think the place called Rehoboth Beach), which is composed of three parts. Buying a bike is a very good solution if you are not much away from work because the entire length of the main street there is a lane for cyclists and city bus. The greatest problem for cyclists wind that constantly blows. I may be exaggerating, but I got the impression that 90% of my time spent on the bike wind blew at me making it difficult to ride a bike.

  • The city is filled with shops, hotels and similar activities. Job is easy to find, especially when you are not choosing too much. In June, a little more difficult to find a second job, but in July and August, finding a job is the easiest possible thing.

  • The town itself is not bad, but it depends on the person and do exactly what you want from the whole experience. Tourist place in which, in principle, have only the beach, amusement park, the main promenade and a number of clubs / bars. For me it is pretty tired pretty fast, but I can not say that I was not a fun year, because it really is. Here comes the summer is lower to the middle class, so they are not something generous as far as the tip, plus season was desperate. Do not expect this one to restore the magic figure as in Alaska. Choose this place if you want to mess around, you see the surrounding cities, restore and clean invested a little over it earn.

  • Ouuch, the city is not something, (proper) at the beginning was interesting, after 20 days later I was already bored ..... There are plenty of opportunities for another job always, throughout the season .... Nightlife is ok :) has three good night clubs throughout the year where we go out ... :)

  • The reason why I chose the OC, so let's tell it was a fate ? My intention was not to earn millions as the story that students in some places earn, I just wanted to see how looks life in America. Although realistically suspicion that I earned was not small. The city is beautiful, with a beautiful long beach. Summer is very hot and humidity is high, the only thing it was hard to get used to. A well-organized public transport. Plenty of places to go. The only drawback of all clubs work to 2am. The work is relatively easy to find, if you are persistent enough.

  • The possibility of finding another job is great. The place is small, there are a lot of clubs. Nearby is state Delever, where there are no taxes, so get out there worth it to go to shopping. It is a tourist place in the summer a lot of tourists and students.

  • Ocean City is a tourist town and has many restaurants, discos , bars . However , it is difficult to find a second job because the competition is enormous, as regards foreign , and American students and pupils. This is a great place if you are in the first place fun , and just maybe the third earnings :)

  • Climate can not be better . A lot of students and lots of partying :) It's hard to find another job if you stepped back a certain period of the year . There's always work in kitchens and pizzerias , but salaries are minimal . High demand job gives them the power to exploit us for less money , or to whom money is not important , good will be done :)

  • They say all that is easier for women to find another job , I have sincerely for the third day found :) the night life is just great and turbulent every night is another club so of clothes you need only some wipes for going out :) a work suit buy there :)

  • Ocean City is a relatively small , family touristic place where familys come on vacation . There are plenty of restaurants, hotels , bars and discos. Also, there are many students who come from Europe to work through the summer. The beach is sandy , ocean excellent for swimming.

  • Who wants to work , can always find a second job . The place is for tourists , comes a lot of people on vacation , so that the workers still needed . People very kind . Employers correct . Nightlife really good , a little town , but plenty of bars and nightclubs .

  • Seasonal town on the ocean , and how the city is a seasonal job opportunities is very high ... I'm three days later I found a new job , I was pleased with the work I found the agency ... There are three bigger club for exiting . I recommend this city, especially for students who go first time . It can be found plenty of cheap accommodation while remaining totally ok .

  • There is work , I worked as a hostess in a restaurant second job and I really can not wait next year to go again

  • Given that there are too many students, some of them were very difficult to find another job , some you have not even had a full year. Personally I had no problem finding another job , but you have to be very, very persistent, very lucky , the courage to change your job that you do not like ... The city is a small, typical tourist resort with a beautiful beach and ocean suitable for swimming . Nightlife is pretty good and satisfactory . With so many students in one place, fun is guaranteed . The only bad thing is the OC lowest hourly rate ( 8.25) , so that people in priority earnings do not recommend this place .. Although , if you manage to find a job where you can have tips , it's not such a bad earnings , on the contrary :)

  • The possibility of finding a job is quite large .

  • There are plenty of opportunities for extra work , just a little resistance , a tourist town , beach , sun , family place , but I great for nightlife

  • A little city , but with a lot of positions and thus possibly changing job ... Live place , good nightlife , beautiful beaches .... the locals are friendly , helpful , always in a good mood ...

  • Iskreno nisam imala toliko vremena da izlazim, i svodilo se na kućne varijante ili restoran u kome smo i radili jer je imao super živu svirku. Mada ono malo što smo izlazili bilo je kul, ima par lepih plažnih barova sa interesantnim sadržajem tako da ima gde da se izađe i to za male pare. Ima dosta opacija za drugi posao.

  • For students, I think there is no better place has everything you need , a lot of clubs who work every night , as much work as you want, the prices are pretty cheap, restaurants on every corner with a variety of foods , alcohol shops on every corner , the public transport around city is cheap and well organized , large beach, in any case anyone can not be bored.

  • When you arrive in June will not be able to get a job . Because all are already provided.

  • Right seasonal place in early June the entire town filled . Quickly find another job.

  • We were given assistance in finding extra work , the local agent was generally available. The city is on the ocean , plenty of hotels , clubs , cafes and shops , so it's relatively easy to find any other job . Americans who come here on vacation are mostly family people , polite and friendly so there were no problems .

  • The possibility of finding another job is great, a large selection of restaurants and hotels that offer job. Residents pleasant, active night life . Every night there are some other club promotions so that the right combination of routes has been made for a whole week . :) Moderate temperature , 25-35 degrees, almost perfect . Beach 11 km long , a lot of students from all over the world and America are coming to work . The right place if you want to work and to have a good time.

  • No description of location.

  • I have very easy found another job in early June but after it was harder to find, persistance is necessary . Locality is full of restaurants, golf clubs, souvenir shops and fast food.

  • Ocean City is a tourist city , mostly family with lots of restaurants, hotels , good places for night life , amusement parks etc. Second job can be found. Also, there are plenty of students who come from Europe to work through the year. The beach is sandy 11km long, ocean perfect for swimming. The right place if you want to work and party . The hourly minimum wage throughout Maryland in is 8.25 $ .

  • Additional work can easily be found , I found extra work but the second day there. Nightlife is excellent , lots of places to go out . As far as the climate is very hot , the road is very high humidity due to the ocean ...

  • It is very easy to find extra work , with good English is very easy to find a good position . Nightlife without much shine and glamor, perfect for students without much money, promotions every day in bars and clubs , so you can go out every single day. Top cities Fagers , Seacrets , Fish Tales , Pickles , Macky 's . Ocean City is perfect for trips to three hours as New York , DC , Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Baltimore . Every weekend, some events in the city, so the possibility of large profits , but mainly depends on the weather conditions . The weather is generally moderate to high humidity of air, averaged 28 degrees . PS after three years in Ocean City, I am sure that is the best place for fun, new friendships and opportunities to make money!

  • Wonderful tourist town can easily find another job , a place that offers the possibility to earn money but also to spend , it's all up to you : D

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