QualityInn 54th street, Ocean City Maryland, GPA

Experience with agency GPA was negative.
The first year of Work and Travel. GPA agency, Ocean City location, employer QualityInn in 54 street. In one word-chaos. It gone so far, the employer did not even know that we should come to work there. The agency has done its part of the job correctly, apart from classic stories as well as in every agency. Compliments to Ivana from this agency and that's it.

Experience with location Ocean City, MD was negative.
So many students, I didn't like that. The second job can be find, that's not a problem, I arrived earlier and had a luckey to find second job. The place is excellent for night out, ocea, a lot of clubs, but ther you can earn only like a server or drinkrunner.

Experience with employer QualityInn 54th street was negative.
Disaster. As I mentioned before, people didn't know that we are coming. Since they were not ready for us, they just gave to us some positions, so I stuck in Laundry, I don't wish that to nobody, I can say only that, dirty, hot, a lot of rats etc... All in all, desperate! Not to mention that they were stealling hours at every step they had arrived and could.

This review represents personal opinion of Stefan Sunjevaric who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency GPA, working at QualityInn 54th street in Ocean City, MD.

Jan 6, 2018