Beach Plaza hotel, Ocean City, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was neutral.
On the one hand, the agency is super, because they help with the preparation for sightings, they are always there when they need you, they help, but while you pay them in installments. I came to Ocean City at the earliest possible time, the end of May. The first job the agency found me was a houseman at the Beach Plaza Hotel. Overall, I had 28 hours a week at work. When I complained to the sponsoring agency Asse Aspire, they said they couldn't do anything about it. When we threatened to be fired, they started telling us stories of deportation. In the end, they helped us get an extra 7 hours, but when we told them we would be negative about it on our return. You bypass All Friends because they are tough cheaters. They just look at how much more money they will get you. We have a co-worker, Igor Pajic, who organizes trips, the same as All Friends cheaters, but ten times cheaper, and better.

Experience with location Ocean City, MD was neutral.
A city full of Romanians who are mostly disgusting. If you are the only one in company with Romanians, they will not pay attention to you, but will persistently speak their language. And when you speak some of the Yugoslav languages ​​with someone, they will immediately protest. Employers will rarely give overtime, and it's very difficult to find a job if you come after June 10, because Romanians occupy everything. Plus, the city is great. There is never enough fun, though if you are overbearing, neighbors call the police.

Experience with employer Beach Plaza Hotel was negative.
They give too little hours, watch as much as they can, supervisors hate J1 students. They are constantly working with Mexicans, and they are not allowed to sit down, but only work, work and work, even though they are paid less than we are, but they are so obsessed with work that they drive J1 students at the same pace and do not understand the student lifestyle. Supervisors accuse for no reason. They accused me of sitting down and doing nothing, and most of all I did. Alas, avoid that hotel.

This review represents personal opinion of Mirko who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2018 with agency Experience, working at Beach Plaza Hotel in Ocean City, MD.

Jan 15, 2020