TCBY frozen yoghurt, Ocean City, Maryland, US travel

Experience with agency US Travel was positive.
The agency I went with to the US was ok but they didn't have very good jobs (especially in the area I traveled).

Experience with location Ocean City, MD was positive.
I went to Ocean City Maryland and that place looks terribly beautiful. It is crowded with international students and it's hard to find a second job if you don't go to the beginning of the season, but it's not impossible. They have an agency out there that organizes very good trips for students. I remember with joy and nostalgia for the two summers spent in the States, I would repeat this experience anytime, if possible. I recommend to all young people to go at least one summer!

Experience with employer TCBY Frozen Yoghurt was positive.
I worked at TCBY frozen yoghurt, but not on a particular position because I was doing everything I needed from cashier work and served customers to dishwasher and floor cleaning. I liked it very much, it was a very good experience.

This review represents personal opinion of Tudorita Gabriela Ungureanu who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency US Travel, working at TCBY Frozen Yoghurt in Ocean City, MD.

Oct 27, 2018