The Landing at Sunset Island, Ocean City, Maryland, Atik Plus

Experience with agency Atik Plus was positive.
They helped us find a job and about airline tickets. They gave us a lot of tips that helped. Correct until the very end. The recommendation for them.

Experience with location Ocean City, MD was positive.
The possibility of finding another job is great. The place is small, there are a lot of clubs. Nearby is state Delever, where there are no taxes, so get out there worth it to go to shopping. It is a tourist place in the summer a lot of tourists and students.

Experience with employer The Landing at Sunset Island was negative.
Hourly: $ 10-11 Hours per week: 40-50 Average tip (week): 40 $ In the beginning we had problems with the employer, constantly sending us home, we did not have 10 hours a week. We're just getting started in July constant to do. It is also not paying overtime. The only positive experience there is a team that I worked with. Next year will not be returned to that restaurant.

This review represents personal opinion of Filip Tatar who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Atik Plus, working at The Landing at Sunset Island in Ocean City, MD.

Oct 5, 2016