Landing at the Sunset Island, Ocean City, Maryland, Ayusa

Experience with agency AYUSA was positive.
Absolutely competent, timely and professional.

Experience with location Ocean City, MD was neutral.
The town itself is not bad, but it depends on the person and do exactly what you want from the whole experience. Tourist place in which, in principle, have only the beach, amusement park, the main promenade and a number of clubs / bars. For me it is pretty tired pretty fast, but I can not say that I was not a fun year, because it really is. Here comes the summer is lower to the middle class, so they are not something generous as far as the tip, plus season was desperate. Do not expect this one to restore the magic figure as in Alaska. Choose this place if you want to mess around, you see the surrounding cities, restore and clean invested a little over it earn.

Experience with employer Landing at the Sunset Island was neutral.
This restaurant is located in the so-called "gated community" that live in the surrounding housing people with slightly deeper pockets, and therefore such a sorry i was clientele. But again, taking into account the city again was nothing special. Also, the restaurant is open air, when it rains or just bad weather, just those sent home because there is no work. As a hostess I earned $ 10.50 per hour, and I received great hours, until they started to employ more people than they need, and then we were shortening. As a server, of course, much better earns, the average was $ 3.65 plus 100/150 dollars per day, although it went up to 200,300 dollars a day. This was my second job for some time, until I was the only refuge schedule without any explanation. I have to say that the team and the whole socializing at work was the best part of working in the restaurant. While other managers were okay, the owner and wife owners are seldom happens heavy people, and whoever worked there the next years, and good luck to them.

This review represents personal opinion of Dunja who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency AYUSA, working at Landing at the Sunset Island in Ocean City, MD.

Oct 24, 2016