On Bay Seafood, Ocean City, MD, American Adventure

Experience with agency American Adventure was positive.
Since I applied for the program later than most people ( in May) , girls in agencies realy helped me a lot, found a job in a very short period of time and were at my service for any questions that I had.

Experience with location Ocean City, MD was neutral.
Ocean City is a relatively small , family touristic place where familys come on vacation . There are plenty of restaurants, hotels , bars and discos. Also, there are many students who come from Europe to work through the summer. The beach is sandy , ocean excellent for swimming.

Experience with employer On Bay Seafood was positive.
Wage per hour : 7.25 Number of hours per week : 40 Average tip : $ 80 I found myself a job , and at that the end it was the only job I was doing. The restaurant is small-scale , ie . has 30 tables. I worked as a busser ( cleaner of the tables ) and hostess (finding tables for people and housed them for the same ) at the beginning . As the season progressed , I was working at the cash register ( guests order meals at checkout , then go to the table assigned to them , then the servers bring food to them ) . At the end of the season, when there were less employees I even worked as a server. They only didn't let mi in the kitchen, I don't blame them. Hourly wage everywhere in OC - u minimum .

This review represents personal opinion of Jelena Jakovljevic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency American Adventure, working at On Bay Seafood in Ocean City, MD.

Aug 13, 2016