C Mango INC, Ocean City MD, Work Profiler

Experience with agency Work Profiler was positive.
I chose Work Profiler. Since I have chosen to go on for myself in both years, I can not say that I needed very much help from the agency, but in the first year they answered to all my questions about everything means work & travel. If I went any further, I would definitely choose the same agency.

Experience with location Ocean City, MD was positive.
Ocean City ... the place where at one point you have the impression that you are in Romania :)) because at the end of the season I think there are more Romanians than Americans or any other nationality. A place full of life, a place where you can not really get bored, a place from where you go with very good memories and experiences, for two summers a second home.

Experience with employer C Mango INC was positive.
I worked as a salesman in a souvenir shop on the beach, it was a nice job, I had the first opportunity to deepen the English language and meet super-nice people. The employer: a family of Jews, people ok, in both years I chose to work for them in the same place .. even though it was harder at first, in the sense that I had to learn about their business style (I think you all know what big business people are Jews and how much they work for the money) after all, we've come to hang a beautiful friendship, we work together but have fun when we had the opportunity.

This review represents personal opinion of Ancuta Zaha who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency Work Profiler, working at C Mango INC in Ocean City, MD.

Oct 16, 2018