Tidelands Motel INC, Ocean City, MD, American Experience

Experience with agency American Experience was negative.
The experience with the intermediary agency was extremely unpleasant because they offered me a non-existent job, finding out this when I arrived in America. They have a contract in their favor in the sense that they do not assume any responsibility for the possible irregularities that may happen in America. They also had a very helpful attitude before signing the contract, and then everything changed. But in terms of communication and obtaining of visas, documents, accommodation etc. are very well organized.

Experience with location Ocean City, MD was positive.
Ocean city is an ocean resort. A small town with lots of tourists. Also a lot of second job opportunities. There are a lot of students working during the summer, Americans, Romans, Serbs, Nepali, Czechs, Irish, Italians have many opportunities to make friends for life! During the summer in the ocean city every weekend are organized specific events such as: bikers weekend, a weekend with antique cars, aviation shows and many more. It is a lively resort full of attractions, where you can not go and do not have memories for life !!

Experience with employer Tidelands Motel INC was neutral.
In my case, the US employer initially told me he didn't employes on the job that the agency had made available to me for some years, being a fictitious post to get more dreams. The other employers I have had in America have been very correct, I have never been wronged, I have been very friendly with some of I remain friends, and after two years we still talk occasionally.

This review represents personal opinion of Denissa Alexandra Alexa who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency American Experience, working at Tidelands Motel INC in Ocean City, MD.

Oct 13, 2018