Clarion Resort, Ocean City MD, Student's Experience

Experience with agency Student's Experience was positive.
The agency is much nicer than last year. People were open, and they helped us whenever we needed. I recommend it with confidence.

Experience with location Ocean City, MD was positive.
The place seems nice to me, but I'm sorry I didn't go anywhere else. There are many things to do here, but a little time to do them. Place with many J1 students, easy to find second job, a lot of Romanians etc ... :)

Experience with employer Clarion Resort was positive.
The employer was super ok, flexible and understanding. I worked as a cashier in a sweetshop.

This review represents personal opinion of Simona Elena Palagianu who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency Student's Experience, working at Clarion Resort in Ocean City, MD.

Oct 15, 2018