Princess Royal, Ocean city, Maryland, American Adventure

Experience with agency American Adventure was neutral.
The girl with whom I collaborated in particular (Maja ) is totally ok and correct . My overall impression is that they are not overly interested , I 've been waiting almost two months to find me a job . It is obvious that thay favorise some students in relation to the other , and everything is slow to work out something .. But some really major problems realy I did not had . All in all , not bad but can be much better .

Experience with location Ocean City, MD was positive.
Given that there are too many students, some of them were very difficult to find another job , some you have not even had a full year. Personally I had no problem finding another job , but you have to be very, very persistent, very lucky , the courage to change your job that you do not like ... The city is a small, typical tourist resort with a beautiful beach and ocean suitable for swimming . Nightlife is pretty good and satisfactory . With so many students in one place, fun is guaranteed . The only bad thing is the OC lowest hourly rate ( 8.25) , so that people in priority earnings do not recommend this place .. Although , if you manage to find a job where you can have tips , it's not such a bad earnings , on the contrary :)

Experience with employer Princess Royale Hotel was neutral.
Wage per hour: 8.25 Hours per week: 32-35 Average tips: Bad sides of this hotel and in particular of this working position are: - Steal hours - Managers are good only when you need to get the job done at all costs if you need something not too interested in that particular .. One night i puked all night (a few of us vomited because of the bad food), and tomorrow I had to work like I'm completely okay .. - Accommodation that is provided is pretty bad, even if you have no luck with roommates who are assigned to you can be quite nasty BUT: D If you have good will and if you want to socialize, have a wonderful life experience, meet many good people, friends you will not bother none of the above. Other job positions in this hotel are much better, not too physically exhausting and difficult, director of human resources is totally great, about everything you can reach an agreement with her if you have a problem with some of the managers. If nothing else, two meals are provided a day, which paid $ 2, which is quite a bargain must admit. I was happy when I can eat anything cooked, or at least thermally prepared because the food is definitely not the happiest thing in America. Homes are not the brightest, but the cheapest! In the rooms are 4 people, two rooms share one bathroom. Concider that you do not need to use transport to work. And the best thing, the students who work at the hotel. Excellent team, excellent jointly carried out, a lot of positive people .. Definitely the best experience so far.

This review represents personal opinion of Dragana Djokic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency American Adventure, working at Princess Royale Hotel in Ocean City, MD.

Aug 9, 2016