Maryland hotel, Maryland, Viking travel agency

Experience with agency Viking travel was negative.
VIKING TRAVEL is pure deceit. Although the contract said they were obliged to arrange an interview with the employer when the employer requests additional interview Viking is not organizing it, and then place blame on you, then they are saying that employers wanted to get rid of you in a nice way, etc... To make things even sadder since 2015 have the same price as the CC-USA. More regrettable is that CC-USA has a 100% success rate in sending students to the United States, while the number of failures in the Viking is over 20%, then a chance of not going is a huge HUGE, and the money will not be refunded to you. The staff has no idea about anything whatever you ask them, and the old Bulgarian who's the boss just looks at how to put more money in his pocket, but for you he doesn't care. Many were in tears, left the Vikings and smoked their hard earned money literally to nothing. I am not advertising CC-USA nor is this a competitive fight, but the naked truth based on experience. CC-USA is even born Syrian dark complexion managed to slip the hotel reception, while at the Viking I, as an excellent student in the end I fell off because they were unable to provide me and my friend another interview via Skype. Unfortunately, we are not the only ones. For example. 2 girls seeking to be together on the same job, and although both got a job, in Viking, they completed incorrectly some receivers and one ended in a restaurant, and the second in another, and the complete concept of a common summer in America has failed. Vikings answer to everything was that they can quit if it doesn't work for them how it is and that's it. Shame. Therefore - Viking by no means. So many have weak bargaining power to this year's employers are looking for recommendations, just ask for recommendations from professors in America to clean their toilets, hello? So that no one else has the experience like me and my friend who both gave each 200 euros for nothing avoid Viking travel agency as much as you can. They are pure fraud.

Experience with location Ocean City, MD was negative.

Experience with employer Maryland hotel was negative.
Wage per hour : Number of hours per week : Prosek tip (weekly ) : We haven't even came to America , ALL BECAUSE OF A CATASTROPHIC VIKING TRAVEL AGENCY

This review represents personal opinion of Mirela who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Viking travel, working at Maryland hotel in Ocean City, MD.

Jul 1, 2016