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  • About Wildwood can say it is a nice town, over the summer it is full of j1 students. It is at the Atlantic ocean, with huge beaches ... Second job can be found easy, being hundreds of shops, restaurants, etc. I liked it very much. Atlantic city (outlet) is one hour away from Wildwood,

  • I really enjoyed my summer in Wildwood, it's a nice place to work and travel students!

  • In the first place (wildwood, new jersey) I had more leisure activities because it was a bigger city and I had the ocean on 10 minutes walk from the accommodation. There were buses to larger cities like Altlantic City, Philadelphia, etc. The second location (French Lick, Indiana) was much smaller and I didn't have other activities, no buses circulated to a larger town from the area, and we were addicted to the resort (HR) to take us to bigger shopping or visit nearby towns / cities.

  • Wildwood is the perfect destination to spend the summer at its best. Full of students and fun. Quiet and crowded at the same time.

  • Small and safe city, a lot of people from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia. It was easy to find a second job.

  • A very nice place with access to everything that's needed. A young place, full of work and travel students, willing to have fun and leave with a pleasant experience.

  • Wildwood is a “heaven on Earth”, which is why lots of tourists and J1 students go there. What I like the most about Wildwood is how calm the place is and the fact that the local people have been so nice and unbiased to us. I also had a second job. Generally, it’s easier to find a morning job, since there are plenty of hotels and motels in the city.

  • It's interesting place for students because it is a tourist town. There are many positive people in a small space. It's great that is along the coast, you have a beach, you have a place to chill while you work. And you have where to go out, like Holy Deck.

  • The city is well located as it is close to major cities such as Washington, Philadelphia, New York, this is the positive side. Otherwise, the beach as the beach, nothing special: P

  • Beautiful place near the ocean. Everything is perfect. $ 90 a week for great hotel.

  • The city is on the east coast. There are plenty of students. Great opportunity to find another job. Accommodation is usually from $ 75-100 per person. It has a beautiful house, but there are also terrible. Not a problem for relocation, so if you try a little you will live in OK conditions.

  • Wildwood, a small tourist town in southern New Jersey.Po my opinion ideal for a J-1 students (third year I've been here) !!! At 4h of NYC's, an hour from Atlantic City and in the vicinity of other smaller but here famous tourist city. Place, respectively island is exclusively based on tourism so that's what the people who come to work, but other than that i enjoyed that little (beach, ocean, night life) and should! beautiful plaza 5 miles long stretches length the entire island off the island. On island are about 150 hotels, numerous restaurants, amusement parks and other entertainment for tourists. From my text can be concluded that there are no problems as regards searching second or third job :-) I does not know the person who asked for extra work but he did not find. Recommendation everyone to spend some time on this island !!! As for accommodation there are sincere different terms of quality and price vary and range from $ 75-100 weekly. A bid is large, it often can i change it!

  • A big tourist place with lots of tourists, the climate is great, and nightlife for me personally was bad because another aspect of raves and music and everything, the only thing I liked is the European party :)) Accommodation is solid, it may be better, the price was 85 dollars per week in season and what is not small if you take the whole month ...

  • Touristic ciry, is very easy to extra work, it is ok for everything, night life is great, not huge nightclubs, discos more relaxed, European parties Mondays are the best. The climate is always sunny ok after a little rain suddenly as i mentioned through. Accommodation I was 85 $ a week, the house Mc Donalds. House on 2 floors a lot of students. the four of us we had two rooms, kitchen and bathroom and dining room, beds were small and the floor, and I would not recommend this house because the old wooden decomposes :) we did not change because we are used after a month have patience :)

  • Wildwood, an island in southern New Jersey, the perfect tourist city in the east of the United States for those with a J-1 visa. A large number of hotels, restaurants, shops and amusement parks opened the possibility of finding not only each other, but also the third transaction. ? job not found only that one who not wanted. For ? party on the island never tired- recommend the European party, to feel lis at home ? beautiful beaches and Atlantic story for yourself. I'm telling you right place for work and pleasure, just a few hours from New York City and an hour from Atlantic City's ? Great offer of houses and apartments, prices range from $ 75-100 per week depending on the quality of accommodation, but it can be changed often and if you are not satisfied. Pp believes you need is a good roommates and everything will be perfect ?

  • The positive experience with finding extra job, employers are very kind.

  • Good opportunities for finding another job , nice weather until September Accommodation: I found accommodation by myself because accommodation provided by the employer was a disaster . $ 90 nice , clean and well furnished house .

  • The town is small, tourist, and his life held the summer season and boardwalk. When the summer season is over, in early September, looks bleak. It is easy to find another job, because of the abundance of hotels, motels, bars and restaurants that are there. It is extremely hot in summer, but the average rain falls once a week. Accommodation: Accommodation was more luxurious than we could imagine. We were 10 minutes far from the beach, 15 minutes of work. The house had a foyer, living room, three bedrooms (two small and one huge), a true American kitchen and a small bathroom. We caught wi-fi from the neighbors (who was so nice to share with us the password), and we had a TV with cable, and the kitchen was fully equipped with all the elements. The boss has been so good to us in the region ever left the table with snacks, drinks, hygiene supplies and then took us to see the place where we work and Walmart where we could supply store. When they arrived all members of the household, he and several neighbors closest to us one Sunday afternoon held a barbecue :) The deposit was $ 150 and it was said that we bring him back, and a week we took off with pay $ 95 for the housing.

  • The place is a bit like all the tourist spots in America, a girl who worked with me described it as Sutomore and really looks like a Montenegrin coast :) typically place along the ocean, with a large beach that is not paid entrance which is a big plus because the NJ in many places, the entrance to the beach free of charge. The climate is great, it was a couple of days when it really was very hot and humid but that is not surprising given that 2015 is one of the warmest years in America ever. I did not mind because one of the requirements for the job and was to be somewhere where it's warm and with the ocean and my wish came true :) in the town has many restaurants, clubs, cafes and constantly something going on. Each weekend is themed, often are called. Craft Show, where half of the promenade are stands with various handicrafts and so on. In August, starting slowly but themed weekends, for example. Biker (in my life have I seen so many Harley Davidsons in one place) so you really never get bored. Opportunities for other work has many, because the place packed with restaurants, pubs and shops all depends on the person and how much one wants to work. There are also some smaller theme park Morey's Pierrs which can also be looking for work and are of carting and rollercoaster and water park so that the day can go off and there. Also nearby is a large water amusement park Six Flags and it really is worth a visit. Also, close to Wildwood's a lot of places like Cape May's and Stone Harbour's, and Atlantic City is located at about an hour bus (round-trip ticket is $ 04.04) where you can go to shopping (there are over 60 outlets) or in the casino. There are many things you can do, I have tried out in collusion and fishing (or with them fishing means that catches a baby shark so this is an unforgettable experience) and not go wrong if you choose this place to spend their summer there :) every Wednesday we went to the burritos in Dog Tooth where is the live music so it's a great place to go :) the place is great for those who want to work and to earn (has the ability to do as much as you want) and for those that little to implement and to go out. Close and New York (for about 4 hours by bus depending on traffic jam) so that it can go on one or two days during the year. When finished with the program Wildwood is a good place to start a trip around the east coast because no D.C. Boston is not not too far apart.

  • Wildwood is a small island, which during the season many tourists visit . The city has everything you need , beaches are huge and there are several water and amusement parks . Atlantic City is about 1h , 2h around Philadelphia , NYC 4h . Additional work is not hard to find , especially if you go just before the season , that is . the beginning of high school vacations , and everyone I know has found another job , and some people changed more jobs and during the season . Nightlife is ok , there are a few clubs . They also organize parties type Serbian , Bulgarian, Greek, Russian , European music.

  • Has the posibility , although I did not work 2 job but I know lots who are, all in all it was not bad but could be better

  • Yes, it could be found another job , I worked as second job in a restaurant next to the main job

  • A small town on the coast of the ocean , a small possibility of finding a good paid job.

  • A small tourist town on the Jersey Shore. Similar to Atlantic City which is more for families and to me is more likable. Cape May, which is half an hour by bus is much nicer (and more expensive). They are mostly pretty typical American home and called. where the boardwalk lined with shops. Huge ocean beach and I did not like because they are completely different from the Mediterranean. Very fine sand and gray sea with huge waves. And of course a huge amusement parks, which are the main attraction, all come for them. I can not say that I regret that I went there (only because of the proximity of New York) but I would not go again. I was not interested in entertainment, and it is there I would not find anything for herself. At the end of that be the least important because you kill the deal and you can not stay awake after 1 night because you get up early. The climate is more moderate than for us because of the proximity of the ocean. High humidity is a couple of days a week must be raining. Extreme heat as it was in Belgrade. In September, noticeably fresher. Accommodation was 90 $ per week (in September $ 65) and it was excellent. Internet, kitchen, everything. I had a roommate in the room and two in the room next to us so it was not crowded. Almost all say they are easy to find another job you really are somewhat correct. But the experience of the individual . I have long been killed by the search and eventually found when I least expect it . In general it is easiest to find a job at the end of June or mid- August when Americans who work there are flocking for school. But you have to really try . It is important to fit schedules , for which I had a lot of luck. In the morning , in principle, can not expect to do housekeeping (or for that job often seek only girls ) and in the evening you have more options. Girls generally easier to find a job, especially if you look decent ( our average these girls are gorgeous ) . Knowledge of English is not a factor , except for a job as a waiter . My English is very good, but to the employer so i do not care.

  • The city is great, not even a little bit too large, very cheap food , Atlantic city is close to every major purchase . accommodation from 85 to 115 bucks a week. The town itself has plenty of disco theme parks , not boring . a lot of tourists during the season. There are many jobs for choice , but all paying 7.25 is not a place for those who chasin ' earnings.

  • Wildwood is a small tourist town on the most beautiful part of New Jersey Shore . It has a great beach , a lot of students from all parts of the world, and is very safe .

  • Peaceful tourist resort with large hotels that provides fast of finding extra work.

  • Wildwood is located near Cape May 's, something like half hour by bus , which is great, because of the extra work. The place is as beautiful as all the tourist towns on the east coast . Sun and beach sometimes means a lot , even to the half day between 2 jobs.

  • I see that a lot has been written on this site. I agree with the majority. The city is right for students. It has a whole lot of opportunities for extra work , has a night life, everything is relatively close . Air and flying with us . Accommodation: Prices generally range from 80 $ to 100 $ .

  • The town is small, a family , a little boring. For the second job was easy all the way , I changed three times a second job , it may one day to find . Nightlife is nothing special , I liked the latest , so that only the household variety . Accommodation: Accommodation was excellent , we paid only $ 25 a week, to the house of the company. She's old, but functional all the way .

  • The city is on the ocean . Classically tourist town . It is small and calm. It also has plenty of bars and a great club . You can always find another job. There are fine restaurants . As for all the people, they are very friendly .

  • Nightlife extra, finding a job is good but of course you have to try hard , super air . Accommodation: Accommodation with whom everything depends , is to be found extra accommodation , and prices range from 70 to 90 dollars a week .

  • The place is fantastic if you want to have really good time, but it depends on what you want. For me example was hard to watch others resent how brutal prank , and I am doing 15-16 hours a day , which is why I did it only one business and almost every day of rubbing elbows with the natives , I saw NY, Philadelphia, AC , bought a few things , came home and stayed at zero , but I was so legendary that time spent Accommodation: 90 bucks , not bad , and the owners gave us to make every party

  • The town completely adorable says the American type something like Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives, the vast plaza and promenade where absolutely everything going on. I've really grown to love the city . Accommodation : 75 $ a week , quite ok

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