Beach People, Wildwood, New Jersey, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was positive.
Everything was correct on their part , they explained all the requirements of the program in any way I program works and what is expected of me . The friendly and kind , I had a million questions and really did their best to turn out to meet me for all the doubts that I had .

Experience with location Wildwood, NJ was positive.
The place is a bit like all the tourist spots in America, a girl who worked with me described it as Sutomore and really looks like a Montenegrin coast :) typically place along the ocean, with a large beach that is not paid entrance which is a big plus because the NJ in many places, the entrance to the beach free of charge. The climate is great, it was a couple of days when it really was very hot and humid but that is not surprising given that 2015 is one of the warmest years in America ever. I did not mind because one of the requirements for the job and was to be somewhere where it's warm and with the ocean and my wish came true :) in the town has many restaurants, clubs, cafes and constantly something going on. Each weekend is themed, often are called. Craft Show, where half of the promenade are stands with various handicrafts and so on. In August, starting slowly but themed weekends, for example. Biker (in my life have I seen so many Harley Davidsons in one place) so you really never get bored. Opportunities for other work has many, because the place packed with restaurants, pubs and shops all depends on the person and how much one wants to work. There are also some smaller theme park Morey's Pierrs which can also be looking for work and are of carting and rollercoaster and water park so that the day can go off and there. Also nearby is a large water amusement park Six Flags and it really is worth a visit. Also, close to Wildwood's a lot of places like Cape May's and Stone Harbour's, and Atlantic City is located at about an hour bus (round-trip ticket is $ 04.04) where you can go to shopping (there are over 60 outlets) or in the casino. There are many things you can do, I have tried out in collusion and fishing (or with them fishing means that catches a baby shark so this is an unforgettable experience) and not go wrong if you choose this place to spend their summer there :) every Wednesday we went to the burritos in Dog Tooth where is the live music so it's a great place to go :) the place is great for those who want to work and to earn (has the ability to do as much as you want) and for those that little to implement and to go out. Close and New York (for about 4 hours by bus depending on traffic jam) so that it can go on one or two days during the year. When finished with the program Wildwood is a good place to start a trip around the east coast because no D.C. Boston is not not too far apart.

Experience with employer Beach People was positive.
Hourly: 8.50$ Number of hours per week: 50-65h Average tip (weekly): 0 I worked in the shop on the promenade (which is really long and there also have the opportunity to find another job) that sold clothes and some souvenirs. Work in itself was not hard, my task was to help the customers, I find them something if they can not find themselves and fix shelves and hangers. So a typical job in stores as well as here in our country. The employer and the team with whom I worked were great, it's a family business and he and his fiancee are young and are really wonderful people. They had a lot of sympathy for us, gave us a lot of hours at the very beginning of the season that is not afraid for hours and were under stress at the outset. Later as the season progresses work has more and the days pass quickly. I'm really very happy with the employer, the city was relaxed and went out to work we work out when we were too tired :) another job I was actually with the same employer because it has two stores so I am working in one and in the afternoon in the second act. If you get a job in this store warm greetings Nick and Linzi :) For any questions you can add me on Facebook ( Nina Kovac ) or send an email to

This review represents personal opinion of Nina Kovac who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Beach People in Wildwood, NJ.

Aug 14, 2016