McDonalds, Wildwood, NJ, WAT Montenegro

Experience with agency WAT Montenegro was positive.
Always smiling and full of information about all the important details .. At the time I was faced with all the commitments that were waiting for me in the Wildwood .

Experience with location Wildwood, NJ was positive.
Wildwood is a small tourist town on the most beautiful part of New Jersey Shore . It has a great beach , a lot of students from all parts of the world, and is very safe .

Experience with employer McDonalds was positive.
Hourly rate : 8.38 Number of hours per week : 40 There is much work, a lot of the talkong and it is a good team . They are tolerant to my other job what I really mattered .

This review represents personal opinion of Djuro Ostojic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency WAT Montenegro, working at McDonalds in Wildwood, NJ.

Aug 2, 2016