Tony Luke’s, Wildwood, NJ, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was positive.
The correct agency . I would not go again over them because of the offers which are not big deal . They saved me at the end of the program on return from New York in a very tense situation and thank them for that ; )

Experience with location Wildwood, NJ was neutral.
A small tourist town on the Jersey Shore. Similar to Atlantic City which is more for families and to me is more likable. Cape May, which is half an hour by bus is much nicer (and more expensive). They are mostly pretty typical American home and called. where the boardwalk lined with shops. Huge ocean beach and I did not like because they are completely different from the Mediterranean. Very fine sand and gray sea with huge waves. And of course a huge amusement parks, which are the main attraction, all come for them. I can not say that I regret that I went there (only because of the proximity of New York) but I would not go again. I was not interested in entertainment, and it is there I would not find anything for herself. At the end of that be the least important because you kill the deal and you can not stay awake after 1 night because you get up early. The climate is more moderate than for us because of the proximity of the ocean. High humidity is a couple of days a week must be raining. Extreme heat as it was in Belgrade. In September, noticeably fresher. Accommodation was 90 $ per week (in September $ 65) and it was excellent. Internet, kitchen, everything. I had a roommate in the room and two in the room next to us so it was not crowded. Almost all say they are easy to find another job you really are somewhat correct. But the experience of the individual . I have long been killed by the search and eventually found when I least expect it . In general it is easiest to find a job at the end of June or mid- August when Americans who work there are flocking for school. But you have to really try . It is important to fit schedules , for which I had a lot of luck. In the morning , in principle, can not expect to do housekeeping (or for that job often seek only girls ) and in the evening you have more options. Girls generally easier to find a job, especially if you look decent ( our average these girls are gorgeous ) . Knowledge of English is not a factor , except for a job as a waiter . My English is very good, but to the employer so i do not care.

Experience with employer Tony Luke's was positive.
Hours: 7.75 Hours per week: 36-39 Average tip: no My first job was in the gift shop but my experience here was very bad. Managers were just jerks and the atmosphere at work was a disaster. A lot of people gave it fired or received. I'm here fired a month later. It is positive that they gave me ok Hours in June, so I did not lose money like some who had after less than 20 hours a week in June. They wanted to keep me because I have been useful, but constantly flashed sparks between me and the manager of the two that are just scum. I wrote my two mock warning. Anyway, I planned to quit in those days because I just found a tad much better job in a sandwich shop. The experience that I was the opposite. Wonderful people, organized in a job where you know exactly what your responsibilities are, easily, and free food. Here I saved a lot on food because I almost stopped to buy in the supermarket. I worked from late June to late September. 7.75 hourly rate and the number of hours varied from 36 to 39 a week. At third week of September reduced because there are no more people. I worked on the first shift which is great because I did not have to be a housekeeper that would tired of me. The second job was a waiter in dinner the Boardwalk. Relaxed work, only customers can be so exhausting. Greece holds the family restaurant, and tend to be hysterical but then cool and everything is ok. $ 2 an hour (so pay everywhere) plus tip, which is an average of $ 70 a day. Sometimes doing five hours per shift and sometimes 8 (weekends). Not a lot of money but for me it was enough not finance everything I wanted, and more. Yet this is the type of restaurant where people often sit only on a slice of pizza and order a glass of water, a tip is to none. Great tip in a fine dining restaurant but there are looking for a lot of experience and knowledge of food and wine, the perfect English and do not speak. Sometimes turn a blind eye to a beautiful girl;) Interesting experience to the job, but I'm counting down the days until the start of the trip which is why I came to America. I traveled for three weeks - New York, Washington, Philadelphia, LA, Palm Springs ... worth it. Go to California instead of hyped Miami, it is much better.

This review represents personal opinion of Nikola P. who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Tony Luke's in Wildwood, NJ.

Aug 4, 2016