McDonalds, Wildwood, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was positive.
The Agency has complied with all, no problems from the very beginning, all the questions I got answers as soon as possible. I recommend Katarina to everything you need :)

Experience with location Wildwood, NJ was positive.
Touristic ciry, is very easy to extra work, it is ok for everything, night life is great, not huge nightclubs, discos more relaxed, European parties Mondays are the best. The climate is always sunny ok after a little rain suddenly as i mentioned through. Accommodation I was 85 $ a week, the house Mc Donalds. House on 2 floors a lot of students. the four of us we had two rooms, kitchen and bathroom and dining room, beds were small and the floor, and I would not recommend this house because the old wooden decomposes :) we did not change because we are used after a month have patience :)

Experience with employer McDonalds was positive.
In Mc Donald is 7.25 and when they take taxes 6.5 at week, I had about 45 hours but decreased later. The first month in Mc Donalds, do not recommend, I found another job and then switched to another job to do 2 transaction. In Bobby Dee's Casino casino narrowing tip more for the family, I worked in the morning in a parking lot behind a parked evening walked inside with bag small pair and gave small change people. U casino hourly rate was 25.7 but I'm in agreement with the manager and got the check and cash. I had about 90 hours weekly. The job was easy managers were relaxed, and students employ extra mass society was joke, while in Mecca was crazy atmosphere. Managers all hanging over their heads always crowded you can not relax without the pause. In Mc Donalds I worked initially at the cash register or on the drive in, but open at 5 am, I spent quite a few times because it is impossible :) wake up in the casino was the morning I get in the parking lot, park about 50 rounds filled the parking sit and wait to be empty in the evening I walk around and people stopping me that small money and that's it.

This review represents personal opinion of Ivan N. who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency Karavan Travel, working at McDonalds in Wildwood, NJ.

Oct 13, 2016