McDonalds, Wildwood,New Jersey, Karavan

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was positive.
We checked in to the agency in Novi Sad, they didn't have time to answer to our questions and mostly we had to manage by ourselves. Working offers could be better, but accommodation in New York is the maximum fair was like people who welcomed us there.

Experience with location Wildwood, NJ was positive.
The city is great, not even a little bit too large, very cheap food , Atlantic city is close to every major purchase . accommodation from 85 to 115 bucks a week. The town itself has plenty of disco theme parks , not boring . a lot of tourists during the season. There are many jobs for choice , but all paying 7.25 is not a place for those who chasin ' earnings.

Experience with employer McDonalds was positive.
Hours: 7.25 Number of hours per week: 40 Hours: 7.25 Number of hours per week: 40 The MC Donalds there are three shifts, morning and night daily. The easiest and most pleasant to work the morning when coming pensioners, Night is the hardest because they come drunk, but also the most interesting. As a rule, who works the night shift should be to have the most hours, that is overtime. But it was not that they were not at fair sharing of overtime. No tips, prohibited by the taking, but I took after I had met with better managers, but it is very small, about $ 20 on weekends. If the day doing more than 7 hours to obtain the right to a meal in the amount of 6 or 7 hundred dollars is more than enough. may also have some healthier eating salads and grilled chicken:) Work in the soft parts of the cooks, and the people at the cash register and the people who are served by circuits over the microphone, in the kitchen is the most honest, because no one is looking and can be talk, but it is very hot, the cashier can be a tense when a large crowd because the guests nervous. When receiving orders for the car is constantly alone in his small corner, I do not recommend this position .. otherwise everything is soft, easy to learn. The bad side of Mc Donalds, harder than any other work, a lot of stares and a lot of pure artificial grin permanently managers a shout. The advantage of a secure job, all other jobs depend on tourists and if it is weak Sunday does not work, Mc Donald still working.

This review represents personal opinion of Aleksandar who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Karavan Travel, working at McDonalds in Wildwood, NJ.

Aug 3, 2016