Wawa, Wildwood, United Work And Travel

Experience with agency United Work & Travel was positive.
Everything was perfectly in order and on time , all praise for the work of the agency , no objection .

Experience with location Wildwood, NJ was positive.
The town is small, tourist, and his life held the summer season and boardwalk. When the summer season is over, in early September, looks bleak. It is easy to find another job, because of the abundance of hotels, motels, bars and restaurants that are there. It is extremely hot in summer, but the average rain falls once a week. Accommodation: Accommodation was more luxurious than we could imagine. We were 10 minutes far from the beach, 15 minutes of work. The house had a foyer, living room, three bedrooms (two small and one huge), a true American kitchen and a small bathroom. We caught wi-fi from the neighbors (who was so nice to share with us the password), and we had a TV with cable, and the kitchen was fully equipped with all the elements. The boss has been so good to us in the region ever left the table with snacks, drinks, hygiene supplies and then took us to see the place where we work and Walmart where we could supply store. When they arrived all members of the household, he and several neighbors closest to us one Sunday afternoon held a barbecue :) The deposit was $ 150 and it was said that we bring him back, and a week we took off with pay $ 95 for the housing.

Experience with employer Wawa was positive.
Hourly wage was 8.50$ but we were the last month of work increased to 9.50$ because of a job. No kickback. It was always 40h per week, and if the worker does not show the best, reduce the number of his hours.. When there is national holiday received 50% more. Job description: My job was to make sandwiches, and just what I did, unlike some who have had and more jobs. I can say that it was not easy because I worked morning shift when the influx of customers was the biggest. Everything works very organized, the customer has a screen in front of you and to touch your orders a sandwich and they all want it, and when you finish the orders on your screen and it appears. It's nothing complicated, just follow the order of ingredients. In the first three minutes of orders is green, then yellow, and a 5-minute turns red. This already means that you have to hurry up a bit. Panic and stress came in the days when you at lunchtime on the screen had the three orders 10 sandwiches, and you still 5 orders wait..Ali passed is as follows: D Wawa rules that did not not eat because it is considered stealing, so we buy the food as the other if we wanted, the only thing we as workers have discounts of 30% and 50%. Wawa is best known for its coffees. In addition to coffee, there were also juices and hot drinks dispensers and type of hot chocolate. As employees, we are not free to drink 3 glasses of at least the size of any drinks that we wanted. At 8 am day of work, break the 20min and less than 8 hours was 10min. And that, believe me, passes very fast.. These ones who worked the night shift had 50c more per hour.

This review represents personal opinion of Sandra who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency United Work & Travel, working at Wawa in Wildwood, NJ.

Aug 14, 2016