Block Island, RI

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  • Beautiful island, locals are more than friendly, is easy to find another job.

  • Nice island, friendly locals, nature, beach.

  • Beautiful Island with a lot of things to see, and do. And a lot of good people to meet.

  • Beautiful island. Very little number of citizen, a lot of hotels where you can easily find second job. When I watched the island over the images on the Internet is totally different compared to what is shown, ie. in relation to expectations. There are plenty of beautiful beaches and there are plenty of places where you can spend your free time. If you have it at all.

  • Block is a small city and a great option for someone who is going for the first time in the program.

  • I'm working on Block Island , an island in the state of RI , which was beautiful , very little, but has a very large number of tourists , and therefore a lot of work . About 90 % of people who wanted another job , find it , some had and 3, 4 jobs.

  • The island is beautiful , the people are great .. Was so much work that I never had time to sunbathe on the beach or swim . Finding another job is easy , but sometimes it's just a job and sufficient .

  • The island is beautiful and you will not regret if you come . Mostly coming riches , and there no bums . The island is very quiet, people friendly . Air moderately warm with frequent summer showers . :) As for night life, there are a couple of clubs that are open until 01h PM , and very frequent Serbian parties . :)

  • The place is very small, but nice. There are a lot of students , almost everyone work two jobs . Additional job is easy to find , if you want .

  • The island is very nice, I was thrilled, the nature is great, with long sandy beaches and lots of lakes. The weather is great, the temperature of 25-30 degrees, the only thing that has bothered me is the high humidity, but I'm used to anyway. Everything is close and all can be reached on foot, what I really mean, because I worked three jobs, and we were away after 5-10 minutes of each other, as well as accommodation. As for night life, mostly we went every day in the pubs for a drink, and 1-2 times a week in the main disco. All works to 1, which is convenient because we all worked a lot, so you again how much had time in the morning to get some sleep. We organized the party and with the domestic music, because the island was about 250 of our students, so we went out very nice. The possibility of finding another job is great, just make the job should start looking as early as possible, because they are already in mid-June, almost all the seats are filled. The food is quite expensive, there is no classical fast food, all the type of restaurant, but there is only one shop she also all too expensive. Many went ashore when they had a day off and then buy food, but since I have worked in two restaurants I had every day free food there, and I did not spend much money on it. As for earnings, it all depends on how much someone is willing to work. It used to be really hard, I was in the season happened to work up to 15 hours a day, but since I had a really excellent jobs with great atmosphere, I managed to stand it. Basically all ok last as for the money, I say again, all is how resourceful you are and you're lucky you find a good job. For me, the entire stay there left a really strong impression, I met many new people and experience is really invaluable, and back again to the same place. I recommend Block Island, as it is for me something really perfect.

  • Of course, there is the possibility of finding another job or even third . You must be persistent and worth it.

  • The first time we were in America friend and I and it was great, the place is small but has students and young people you can find second or even third job without problems and we had great time .

  • The summer was warm and plenty of sun, there was no rain almost at all , I was working 2 jobs most of the summer and it was all great friends and the whole city

  • The island is unreal beautiful. Employers and the whole team were set up as a family to us , smejstaj across work on the shore of the ocean with the most beautiful terrace in the world

  • Block Island is a practical piece of land in the ocean . Beautiful, intact , expensive piece of land . No matter which is extremely small , the city itself was beautiful . Beaches are only in August crowded with tourists, but in most cases you feel like you 're on vacation when you have a day off. Nightlife in terms of places to go , there are a total of 2-3. Parties last up to one and it is a madhouse if you like the commercial music, but even for us who do not prefer , they are quite solid . There are a lot of our own, but really, really. The more you will speak Serbian than English . Some will give you discounts , in any case, a great thing . The city is extremely expensive , I repeat, you have no ordinary burger under $ 10 , pizza for 4 of us 22 accommodation usually despair , especially Eureka , but if you are already working all day , you just need a bed and you want it to cost less .

  • The island is beautiful and peaceful . To me definitely the biggest advantage was the safety. But again, it si a very small island ( " center" has restaurants , and 5 shops ... that's it : D ) , and whoever seeks big cities and city life , it could be boring , it si more more for nature lovers (ocean , beach , stars, Lakes) . Nightlife - 2-3 Clubs and everything works until 1 al exactly , 1:00 and split . To me, it was not even that bad , we went out more often by little , just a little fun and dance , and yet you're willing to work tomorrow and get some sleep . Very expensive island , mainly people eat in restaurants and hotels where they work, etc. And like this they reduce their costs. Who wanted to find another job and it allowed him to schedule the first job , he could find it without a problem.

  • The second job is for anyone who wants to work. There are plenty of international students and a great place for socializing.

  • I found another job at the end of June because at the beginning of the season did not employ additional staff .

  • A small island , the possibility of founding a job is easy at the beginning of the season, later it possible only to resourceful .

  • The experiences that I have at the beginning were very tense, but given the circumstances , but later everything turned into one big adventure. I met a lot of people, made ​​friends during my entire stay in America we were all like one big family . I anyone who has the opportunity should try because it was all a great experience and worth all this a try, just before leaving to carry out all necessary inspections , as in case of injury insurance covers only contracted to the forest.

  • Who wants to work , he can always find second job .. Ask for the shift schedule for the entire season , as soon as arrive, insist , even if you have to ask 5x daily for it . Of course, in July - August when the season starts it's a little harder to find because relatively all positions are filled already to the end of August , beginning of September, when Americans are returning to school so until then there aren't almoust any open new positions. As for the island , it's not to big , but if you work you will not have time to see everything (it happened to me the first year ) : D The island is very nice and has a lot to be seen . In May, it's seriously cold , at least it was for the last two years .. There are a few pubs where you can go out, mainly Serbs gathered on Wednesday in Kittens , there vere even Serbian parties .. In the beginning it was very difficult , there is no work , it look like season never to begin ... but then when it starts, you're asking God to end it : D This year I worked until October , and the most I earned was in September ! So my advice to you, is to stay as long as possible to work.

  • A small town so do not expect a multitude of clubs or a large number of students from different countries so it is not boring :) As for the other work could be found , almost all of them worked two jobs . Who does not like big cities a good destination .

  • The most beautiful island in the world

  • Although the island is a little bit there are huge opportunities for finding another job , I have found it an a restaurant after a week, I was working there until the end of the season. The climate is excellent , in July and August is about 30 degrees .. As far as nightlife there are several pubs to hang out . The locals are wonderful people. The vere very interested to get to know us . Socializing is great , as with our people and with people from other countries.

  • The first time I was in America and I'm delighted . I worked on the island called Block Island, on the east coast of America. It's very easy to find a job , I worked in the kitchen, washing dishes , baser and was host at the restaurant. At work, there were many Serbs, so that in the kitchen, waved Serbian flags and listened only Serbian music . Time passed quickly and we had a great spent . I went to the vigorous Novak Djokovic in the final of the US Open , he visited New York , New York, Boston and Miami in the end that is really something amazing, in my opinion the best city in the world. There were a lot of interesting experiences, but they are not for the public. I met many interesting people , of which I became a really good friend. I can not wait to come back next year.

  • Island . 25km2 .. seasonal . touristic . Beautiful nature and nothing more . A lot of seasonal jobs. You can make nice money. You can work overtime... if you are working job with tips, you're lucky. island like every island, everything is little bit more expensive. but OK. not a big deal in general for recommendation. of course. everything is individual and it depends on you and your goals .. otherwise the acomodation on island is disaster. mostly .. although you can find something that is ok .. but you just use only to sleep over.

  • Block Island is one of the fun / quiet town in America. A retreat from modernization , with many students, and a large hospitality residents . The feeling is wonderful to work there .

  • Block Island, a beautiful little island with plenty of hotels , restaurants , usually in the hotel. To the island usualy come family and older people , mainly the rich . :-D As for finding another job, is easy , the food is a bit expensive but you'll survive . :-) Climate is great, in July and August is over 30 degrees. Beaches are great water is little colder. As for its nightlife the island has 4 clubs for going out and all work until 1:00 . The locals are great. Most Serbs coming to the island to work , so we can safely say that it is Serbian . :-) The only bad thing is that from the island to the mainland takes some 50 minutes by ferry , and the first major city such as Providence is about an hour and a half , to two.

  • A quiet island, with a very pleasant climate, ocean , and I never had a problem with climate though I have asthma. You can find second job with help of sponsoring agency or you can find it by yourself , if you can inquire at hotels and restaurants.

  • Block Island is a small island , located an hour from Rhode Island. To the island can be reached ferijem.Mogao 're easy to find another job , if you come before the season (end of May ) , and then a little harder percent of people in a lot of time looking for work and the island is much more limited. On the island there are two clubs in which we ugalvnom out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Society I was super , so we made ​​every night party at the hotel where we were accommodated . :) Accommodation: We were all together accommodated at the hotel on three floors . Each floor had two bathrooms, although Ujut was impossible to use because of the large number of people. Each room had two beds, a microwave , refrigerator and flat-screen TV . Accommodation , we paid $ 75 a week

  • The possibility of finding another job is great , I personally have on one day went to two hotels and asked for a job and was admitted in both haha . I was on Block Island , the quiet place , very nice and beautiful nature .

  • Block Island is a place where is easy to find secound job , there is a lot of jobs and options .. As for going oput , it is generally up to 1 o'clock and in 3 the local pubs ..

  • Finding another job is very easy, the climate is the same as in Serbia, the nightlife is great, the island is quiet and beautiful. Especially population.

  • The island is great, there are a lot of jobs and a lot of students. Accommodation is very bad, but who is going to America for accommodatiom :)

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