1661 Inn and Hotel Manisses, Block Island, RI, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was positive.
All the best, guys are really cool , they are complied with everything that has been agreed :)

Experience with location Block Island, RI was positive.
The place is very small, but nice. There are a lot of students , almost everyone work two jobs . Additional job is easy to find , if you want .

Experience with employer The 1661 was positive.
Hourly: 9$ Number of hours per week : 39 Average tip : - I was working at the reception , in general everything was ok . Of course, there is also a problem as in any other job where you have to interact with the guests , but not as widely available.

This review represents personal opinion of Milena who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency Experience, working at The 1661 in Block Island, RI.

Aug 13, 2016