Atlantic Inn, Block Island, RI, American Adventure

Experience with agency American Adventure was positive.
Extremely positive experience with the agency, they were always the maximum available. Here for all the questions and will do practically anything to choose the right place for you . I have no complaints , well done !

Experience with location Block Island, RI was neutral.
Block Island is a practical piece of land in the ocean . Beautiful, intact , expensive piece of land . No matter which is extremely small , the city itself was beautiful . Beaches are only in August crowded with tourists, but in most cases you feel like you 're on vacation when you have a day off. Nightlife in terms of places to go , there are a total of 2-3. Parties last up to one and it is a madhouse if you like the commercial music, but even for us who do not prefer , they are quite solid . There are a lot of our own, but really, really. The more you will speak Serbian than English . Some will give you discounts , in any case, a great thing . The city is extremely expensive , I repeat, you have no ordinary burger under $ 10 , pizza for 4 of us 22 accommodation usually despair , especially Eureka , but if you are already working all day , you just need a bed and you want it to cost less .

Experience with employer Atlantic Inn was neutral.
Wage per hour: 9 Number of hours per week: In the season of more than 60, sometimes 70 Average tip: It varies from 20-70 per night, with a timetable of $ 8 Neutral to positive, or negative, I do not know. In a word, toughening. Accommodation and two meals a day (it does!) Has provided the employer, it cost me $ 125 a week, and it was still a great deal. I lived in a house with 15 people from different parts of the world, although a large part of the Balkans. They are like a living room, two bathrooms, tv, refrigerator, microwave, stove we had. These two meals a day were terrible and horrible calories. For breakfast you serve the remains of breakfast for hotel guests and usually some sweet rolls that are not even cute is not tasty or anything. Only mass. Because all placed pound of butter! The first installment in a 10, the second in the 4th And if you take a little more than normal amounts of food, the wife of the owner will come, izbečiti eyes and say how much. Toughening. In 4 hours you serve the best chicken and green beans soaked in butter. At worst, peanut butter and jelly, corn dogs, grilled cheese or even a mass-GMO miracle. When the wedding, food is the best. Al only if the boss remember to invite you to come, if in the meantime, do not throw all that food. On one occasion in front of us threw two baking food because "we do not really do take-out." Toughening. If you hope to a fixed schedule, forget it. They give you the hours that suits them, you will have a meaningless break of several hours. The first few weeks we did not pay overtime, then we complained the agency and without a word they start to work, without paying the first few weeks.At the beginning you have barely hours, then the season starts in mid-July and then the madness, pout them for a day. In the end, you get a bonus of $ 500 if you were nice to them, if not 200 (luckily I was among the first group). The boss will stick your nose in your business, convened two-minute meeting at 6 am and things like that. They will know how you breathe, with whom you spend time. Everything. Some were lucky to find another, not to mention third job. But some did not found second job. Restaurant has a vast selection of wines, a few thousand. Wine cellar is huge, I rearranged the entire basement and cleaned, because it was a complete mess, that we end would not say no thank you, and the money that i do not talk. She will tell you not to stay too long, but to go home. Millionaires saving on every detail. Internet terible! I could not talk on Viber. On the island circulate a lot of money, so if you are not an employee of the Atlantic have a good chance to make nice money. Regardless of all this, the experience was wonderful. Bosses like that has a lot, but also beautiful landscapes and special people like here not really. I met friends for life, live to see the Milky Way to the smallest detail, to see the Super Moon, Red Moon, I'm standing on the cliff from which you only see the ocean, to meet silly Croat with whom I come from hatred to the living friend, Moldovans who for two months spoke english and on the first day did not know what it is lunch and what dinner, Jamaican that does not use a microwave and things like that because it's unnatural, an American who does not sleep, Bosnian, who works 3, sometimes 4 jobs, a bunch of people who came with dreams and the desire to achieve them. Many rebellious people, ready to joke, to laugh, to revolt, any undertaking. I saw San Francisco, New York, I saw a whole new world ... I gained 10 kilograms. But it was wonderful, and I'd gained another 50 for this experience if it's needed !!

This review represents personal opinion of Mina Jevremović who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency American Adventure, working at Atlantic Inn in Block Island, RI.

Aug 9, 2016