The Surf Hotel, Block island, RI, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was positive.
Super team , always positive .. The only agency that will tell you honestly what awaits you in America , especially Djordje ! :)

Experience with location Block Island, RI was positive.
Who wants to work , he can always find second job .. Ask for the shift schedule for the entire season , as soon as arrive, insist , even if you have to ask 5x daily for it . Of course, in July - August when the season starts it's a little harder to find because relatively all positions are filled already to the end of August , beginning of September, when Americans are returning to school so until then there aren't almoust any open new positions. As for the island , it's not to big , but if you work you will not have time to see everything (it happened to me the first year ) : D The island is very nice and has a lot to be seen . In May, it's seriously cold , at least it was for the last two years .. There are a few pubs where you can go out, mainly Serbs gathered on Wednesday in Kittens , there vere even Serbian parties .. In the beginning it was very difficult , there is no work , it look like season never to begin ... but then when it starts, you're asking God to end it : D This year I worked until October , and the most I earned was in September ! So my advice to you, is to stay as long as possible to work.

Experience with employer Surf Hotel was positive.
Wage per hour 6 $ 9 $ 10 $ Hours per week: 70-85 Average tip (weekly): Housekeeping- hourly rate $ 9 cleaning the common bathrooms, making beds and cleaning the lobby .. It can be really hard, everything depends on the crowd and guests .. I was met with various abominations. As for the tips - it's an unwritten rule. Once I get more money when we have 4 rooms than when we have a full hotel. On weekends for me last year was min. $ 40 a day while this year we barely collected $ 15-20 .. All in all I recommend housekeeping because you know how much money you get per hour, Bussing-hourly rate was $ 6 + tip, which in the season for 350 people (weekends, dinner) is max. $ 45 .. For breakfast I have received from $ 4-12; sometimes you get on the side of the server that I work with .. pour water when guest comes, bring bread for dinner, taking plates when guests end up with a meal, clean the table when the guest leaves and set for the next guest (of course, there are countless more commitments that are made in the meantime-supplying clean silverware, plates, polishing time, etc.). Hostess- hourly rate 10 $ - eternal smile on your face and ready to answer the most stupid questions that guests ask. Guest accommodations at the table, you need to know which tables are clean, who a when set for wich table, to fulfil guests wishes wehre they want to sit... Relatively, all three jobs are physically demanding, mentally Houskeeping is the best because there is not much contact with guests who can be very annoying, arrogant and rude

This review represents personal opinion of Jovanaa who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Experience, working at Surf Hotel in Block Island, RI.

Aug 2, 2016