Atlantic Inn, Block Island, Rhode Island, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was neutral.
We had a few minor differences, but each time they show maximum cooperation and a willingness to solve problems . They are more expensive than other agencies (at least in Croatia )

Experience with location Block Island, RI was positive.
The island is beautiful and peaceful . To me definitely the biggest advantage was the safety. But again, it si a very small island ( " center" has restaurants , and 5 shops ... that's it : D ) , and whoever seeks big cities and city life , it could be boring , it si more more for nature lovers (ocean , beach , stars, Lakes) . Nightlife - 2-3 Clubs and everything works until 1 al exactly , 1:00 and split . To me, it was not even that bad , we went out more often by little , just a little fun and dance , and yet you're willing to work tomorrow and get some sleep . Very expensive island , mainly people eat in restaurants and hotels where they work, etc. And like this they reduce their costs. Who wanted to find another job and it allowed him to schedule the first job , he could find it without a problem.

Experience with employer Atlantic Inn was negative.
Wage per hour: 9 Hours per week: 55-60 Average tips: 12 Extremely negative and I would not recommend to anyone. Many would say that I am exaggerating, and that's not so bad, there are worse, but for me it was enough to make me feel bad. I'm just going to list the dashes: non-payment of overtime (they started to pay it after they were warned by sponsor without being up for the first month), shouting with the explanation that he can yell if he want because he is your boss (+ "I`m the owner of this god damn business "), the unequal treatment of Europeans and Americans, mockery, throwing food you pay with accommodation in the trash (man decided that he would not give it and threw it in the trash), avarice, your problems responds with" I don`t care "... there's Definitely would not recommend employer. As for work, on itself is not difficult, none of these positions that I mentioned. Simply, it is not hard, For me totally ok. problem is that, you have a lot of positions, but not enough hours. Enough to take you all day and you can not find another job, but do not collect a sufficient number of hours. (Eg. You work all day from 7 am to 9 pm, or you have a break from 2 to 6). What brought profits (which to me was ok, but it can earn much more) are overtime because they pay more (not that there are a lot, but are expensive, and should be required from the first week - be sure that you check the time card and check because they know to screw it up and take of the hours). what is positive about the employer is accommodation. You're paying it 125 $ a week, but this includes two meals a day (breakfast and lunch). The food is not great, but you get used to a little crying for my mother's kitchen and you survive. This is important because many had problems around food, and here you do not worry. Accommodation is ok. Shower is bad but you get used to. No stove, but not as necessary because of the included meals. Internet is poor and you have to stand in front of the house to catch it, but get used to it: D everything else is ok, sharing a room with up to two people in the house a total of 15 people, two bathrooms, a common living room with kitchen, washing machine and dryer, which are paid with coins. You get bonus. WAT is a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to all. To meet so many people live on another continent, to see and to travel, improve your language, create friendships .... priceless. Job as a job, accommodation and Block were ok, but the employer would not recommend to anyone. Good luck :)

This review represents personal opinion of Nina Čubrilo who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Experience, working at Atlantic Inn in Block Island, RI.

Aug 9, 2016