Harborside Inn, Block Island, Rhode Island, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was positive.
Well-organized , they were sending us announcements an gave answers to al questions non stop. I loved them as if they 're kin , higher praise than this does not exist. :) Thanks Djole , Kris , I Jovica bye. *

Experience with location Block Island, RI was positive.

Experience with employer Harborside Inn was positive.
Wage per hours : 9.75 Number of hours per week : Average tip (weekly ) : Working with people , the use of software that are important for an hoteliers . Wonderful Manager and the whole team , I learned a lot . One nice and unforgettable summer! Second job my employer from a bakery / pastry shops offer themselves as soon as I walked in. :) I worked as a hostess in the morning during breakfast , from 7 to 12. ( 3 months) welcomed the guests, seting table for them , bring water etc. Later I started working in the second shift at salling pies , ice cream. I cleaned literally everything , charging , worked with register - cards , making coffee. It may sound easy, but in general it is not. All in all a positive experience , I met a lot of people I learned what I did not until now. :)

This review represents personal opinion of Milijana Radovanovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Experience, working at Harborside Inn in Block Island, RI.

Jul 9, 2016