Seaview Hotel, Barnacle Billy’s, Wells, (Ogunquit), Maine, Prestige

Experience with agency Prestige Education was positive.
I'm really pleased . The price for program is ok. Employers , too. I talked to other people who went through the same agency. They are there out there I appeal to the same , but are generally satisfied . Later through them I returned taxes and they are very promptly and friendly .

Experience with location Wells, ME was neutral.
There were 3 Together we are looking for another job. I was a very difficult legacy. After a while one of us three was successful, and the two of us after we recommended by locals there (via the link = D) failed to find something. Generally, the city itself has a lot of possibilities for another job, but we may be less resourceful and we had less luck. There were a lot of students, so that wherever we are asked, we are broadly in fact too late. We filled more than 30 applications, sent dozens of emails and biggest problem was actually in the fact that we are very hard to come to talks with managers. Nightlife super. Again, there were a lot of students I really was good. Air warmer than the first year. Residents fantastic. We lived in a house with one American couples who have children of our year, so we were when parents. We were super accepted by employers and employees, which is a lot easier for the job and makes it very interesting. Business (company and position): 1. Put Samoset-hotel housekeeper; 2.put Seaview hotel-housekeeper, a second job at a restaurant Barnacle Billys-saleswoman ice cream =) I baser Short job description: 1. put-clean room, the laundry, cleaners SPA; 2. put only clean rooms, and the other job selling ice creams, desserts in general I was cleaning the tables when guests are done with a meal.

Experience with employer Barnacle Billy's was positive.
Hours : 10,75 $ at the hotel and the restaurants 9 $ Number of hours per week : 35-40 , in a restaurant about 20 Average tips : about 20 $ daily Only clean rooms , and the other job selling ice creams , desserts in general I was cleaning the tables when guests are done with a meal.

This review represents personal opinion of Tanja Bojovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency Prestige Education, working at Barnacle Billy's in Wells, ME.

Jul 30, 2016