Applebee’s Bar&Grill, North Conway, New Hampshire, Prestige

Experience with agency Prestige Education was positive.
Praise for the agency, very nice and professional people. Direct, they don't talk to you stories, but give a real . Correct and precise, always available, both after going to the progrram and upon returning from the program.

Experience with location North Conway, NH was positive.
The place is excellent for earn, since there is nothing else to do. But, this place is beautiful, mountanious, lots of greenery, for a day off the perfect combination is to take a bike and to explore. The state of Maine is an hour drive from this place, Canada is a 3 hours. All in all, a beautiful place.

Experience with employer Applebee's Grill & Bar was neutral.
The restaurant is excellent, complicated position. It requires speed, skill, versatility. Whoever never cooked, it is better to him to run from this position because it is not naive at all. The restaurant is full, but the problem is hours. The management is a little bit in the problem since this was their first or the second year of work and travel, so it happened that sometimes there were hours and sometimes they sent us home after 2 hours of work with the pretext of "work".

This review represents personal opinion of Stefan Sunjevaric who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency Prestige Education, working at Applebee's Grill & Bar in North Conway, NH.

Jan 13, 2018