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  • Wells in the state of Maine is a small town , where there are mostly hotels . but if your first job as it considers housekeeping , means finding another job is very difficult . There are about 5-6 restaurants. I barely got a job as a basser in Billy 's Chowder House . hourly rate is 3.75 $ , tip the season on average $ 80-90 . most of what I get for one day is 115 $ . but I worked only two days a week. later when the seasons passed , I worked 4 days, but then the tip down to $ 50-60 . All in all , I recommend this restaurant to everyone. people are nice , the managers correct . And when I went back , I'd like there to work again . the owners of the restaurant holding two more restaurants, Varano 's the fire and brew. all three are located in the in - mile road . However, you can also try out there . My recommendation is to approach the wells . go to Ogunquit . there if you do not like the first job , you can find other without problems.

  • Wells is a town in which predominantly are hotels and motels. There is one main street and a few smaller leading to the beach. Everything is located to the road. Does not have any opportunities for walking.I do not honestly something like that. It is a small number of restaurants, bars, souvenir shop. Therefore, if your first job housekeeping (as was in my case) I really do not recommend that you go to Wells. More specifically, in general does not recommend. I had to do in addition, Ogunquit is called. Every day I drove my bike for 45 minutes in one direction. This is not a problem if the weather is nice, but if it rains, believe me it's not really pleasant. After the first transaction, to drive in the rain and go directly to another job is quite difficult. My recommendation is to go to Ogunquit. It's more beautiful city, there are more students greater opportunities to find a better job. In Wells has one bar, I think it is called Feile. Here is ok to go in the evening, have a fine cocktail, but nothing special. They are mostly older guests, so little so lonely. In Ogunqitu though there are several bars, club (This is gayclub. Men who look good to be there and get a job. There is good salary, as I heard :)) My friend has managed to get a job for two days a week as a basser Wells, restaurant Billy's Chowder and it's really good paid there. So, if you still decide to Wells, first go to Billy's not looking for a job. Besides that Billy's is Varano's restaurant, but it is very difficult to get into. There are a few small restaurants, but this is very little compared to Ogunquit.

  • Lots of restaurants and hotels , but with a tug , a little or a lot , you are sure to find an additional job . Nightlife is very bad , a few bars, only when j1 students get by themselves together . The city on the ocean , air as well as in Serbia , just a little bit cooler , especially in the morning and evening .

  • There were 3 Together we are looking for another job. I was a very difficult legacy. After a while one of us three was successful, and the two of us after we recommended by locals there (via the link = D) failed to find something. Generally, the city itself has a lot of possibilities for another job, but we may be less resourceful and we had less luck. There were a lot of students, so that wherever we are asked, we are broadly in fact too late. We filled more than 30 applications, sent dozens of emails and biggest problem was actually in the fact that we are very hard to come to talks with managers. Nightlife super. Again, there were a lot of students I really was good. Air warmer than the first year. Residents fantastic. We lived in a house with one American couples who have children of our year, so we were when parents. We were super accepted by employers and employees, which is a lot easier for the job and makes it very interesting. Business (company and position): 1. Put Samoset-hotel housekeeper; 2.put Seaview hotel-housekeeper, a second job at a restaurant Barnacle Billys-saleswoman ice cream =) I baser Short job description: 1. put-clean room, the laundry, cleaners SPA; 2. put only clean rooms, and the other job selling ice creams, desserts in general I was cleaning the tables when guests are done with a meal.

  • Wells is a small village in the state of Maine, the ocean is a very attractive place ... if you are coming to make, ME is very ok state because it offers a lot of seasonal jobs, years ago, a lot of tourists especially french Canadians to excellent 'tips :) if you come for entertainment, ME is definitely not the country for you ... the advantage of this place is that it is on the border with the state of NH, which is tax free so that any buying and shopping no taxes and therefore you can save a lot of money if you buy such as lap top. .. the weather was same as home ... it's always a lot of students are predominantly Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lithuania, Russia ... as far as night life is very bad has a couple of local pubs with and that's it ... But therefore, student house, where there are two lives at around 50 students are always full of alcohol and good music :) I'd always recommended, if you come here to seek a place in retail to work for another job because they could find somewhere relaxed in a hotel where you can earn a great guy :) My first job was a vacation village where I worked as a housekeeper, laundry and office girl with initial hourly rate from $ 9 but every year I returned to the dollar climbed more ...

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