Blue Water, South Yarmouth, MA, Prestige

Experience with agency Prestige Education was positive.
Fantastic cooperation, always willing to help, regularly respond to e-mails, very professional.

Experience with location South Yarmouth, MA was positive.
A small tourist town on the island, close to Boston, Hyannis, Prowincetown and good connections with the New York. It is mostly full of houses, hotels, a big market and almost nothing else. Sandy beaches, beautiful, pleasant air.

Experience with employer Blue Water was positive.
They are great, very pleasant, friendly, willing to help. There are jobs, but it is not too demanding nor difficult. There are no over time, it is max 36 hours per week, tips are more than ok. The meal at the hotel is in July and August. They provided us with accommodation and transportation, substantially all of the recommendations. :)

This review represents personal opinion of Ana who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Prestige Education, working at Blue Water in South Yarmouth, MA.

Nov 29, 2016