Village by the sea, Wells,Maine, American Adventure

Experience with agency American Adventure was neutral.
The Agency is ok , but I expected to have more information about the place in which they sent us . I was told that there are plenty of restaurants, places where easily can get another job . It really was not true. The problem with finding other work I had just me. Girls who lived with me have also had this problem. I do not know if maybe before us no one was in this very place, and they had all the information. However , Maja girl who now works there ( she worked and when I went , but she was not in charge of me) is totally ok i will answer any question , we will try to explain, is positive . For her, really do not have anything bad to say.

Experience with location Wells, ME was negative.
Wells is a town in which predominantly are hotels and motels. There is one main street and a few smaller leading to the beach. Everything is located to the road. Does not have any opportunities for walking.I do not honestly something like that. It is a small number of restaurants, bars, souvenir shop. Therefore, if your first job housekeeping (as was in my case) I really do not recommend that you go to Wells. More specifically, in general does not recommend. I had to do in addition, Ogunquit is called. Every day I drove my bike for 45 minutes in one direction. This is not a problem if the weather is nice, but if it rains, believe me it's not really pleasant. After the first transaction, to drive in the rain and go directly to another job is quite difficult. My recommendation is to go to Ogunquit. It's more beautiful city, there are more students greater opportunities to find a better job. In Wells has one bar, I think it is called Feile. Here is ok to go in the evening, have a fine cocktail, but nothing special. They are mostly older guests, so little so lonely. In Ogunqitu though there are several bars, club (This is gayclub. Men who look good to be there and get a job. There is good salary, as I heard :)) My friend has managed to get a job for two days a week as a basser Wells, restaurant Billy's Chowder and it's really good paid there. So, if you still decide to Wells, first go to Billy's not looking for a job. Besides that Billy's is Varano's restaurant, but it is very difficult to get into. There are a few small restaurants, but this is very little compared to Ogunquit.

Experience with employer Village By The Sea was neutral.
Hourly: 9 $ Number of hours per week: 35 Average tip: about 15 $. The good thing about this job is that we had excellent accommodation that has been in the hotel. More specifically, it is one of the apartments for rent. Everything we had, even a dishwasher. The bad thing is the job is really very difficult, we had to push carts, but all equipment (huge green bags crammed towels, wiping cloths, shampoo, soap, etc.) To bear on the back. Another thing, there is no lift, but it goes up and down the sand steps. The third thing we did not have enough hours. 35-38 in high season which is very little. Opening hours were from 9-3, sometimes up to half of 4.4. Rarely happened that when we finished the half 5. When we say we're looking for another job, they told us that we should not before 5 to begin on another job to do. The explanation was that we might someday need them halfway 5.To happened only a few times for 4 and a half months that we worked there. Tips is divided totally unfair. Do not longer, Wells does not recommend! Ni Village by the sea! Nevertheless program Work & amp; Travel certainly recommend. I plan to go again. Meet people, improve language, gain experience, to travel and be remembered as one of the most beautiful things in life! :)

This review represents personal opinion of Ivana Vukasinovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency American Adventure, working at Village By The Sea in Wells, ME.

Aug 14, 2016