Majestic Regency, Wells, Maine, Prestige

Experience with agency Prestige Education was negative.
I should really just decided to announce that I explained everything nice , but let's say in brief: I was promised a certain position ,which I did not get , though I applied early, accepted the other , poorer, but with free accommodation. When I got there , it was no any accommodation . Writing them, their failure to respond , and after a very rude and not at all friendly, responding to my email . Briefly .

Experience with location Wells, ME was neutral.
Lots of restaurants and hotels , but with a tug , a little or a lot , you are sure to find an additional job . Nightlife is very bad , a few bars, only when j1 students get by themselves together . The city on the ocean , air as well as in Serbia , just a little bit cooler , especially in the morning and evening .

Experience with employer Majestic Regency was negative.
Wage per hour 8 $ I worked there for two days , so I had after the second job , even though this one was the primary .

This review represents personal opinion of Nikola K who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Prestige Education, working at Majestic Regency in Wells, ME.

Aug 5, 2016