Village by the sea, Wells, Maine, American Adventure

Experience with agency American Adventure was neutral.
Agency was ok . the only thing they resent the fact that they Wells described as a place where is easy to find another job , but in fact is not really so

Experience with location Wells, ME was neutral.
Wells in the state of Maine is a small town , where there are mostly hotels . but if your first job as it considers housekeeping , means finding another job is very difficult . There are about 5-6 restaurants. I barely got a job as a basser in Billy 's Chowder House . hourly rate is 3.75 $ , tip the season on average $ 80-90 . most of what I get for one day is 115 $ . but I worked only two days a week. later when the seasons passed , I worked 4 days, but then the tip down to $ 50-60 . All in all , I recommend this restaurant to everyone. people are nice , the managers correct . And when I went back , I'd like there to work again . the owners of the restaurant holding two more restaurants, Varano 's the fire and brew. all three are located in the in - mile road . However, you can also try out there . My recommendation is to approach the wells . go to Ogunquit . there if you do not like the first job , you can find other without problems.

Experience with employer Village By The Sea was neutral.
Hourly: 9$ The number of hours in the week beginning 25 and later around 35 is not an hour of overtime . job physically difficult . When they put you to work stayover , where kickback almost no , two girls must carry for the 3rd or 4th floor 3 large bags full of towels , can of spray and vacuum cleaner , which is almost impossible to implement. but most often we worked by workers stayover . Open from 9 am to 3 to 4 quarters once we paid $ 75 a week . 6 of us lived in the apartment. We had a kitchen, living room , terrace , two bedrooms and two bathrooms. i was really super equipped . we all had . it is the only thing with which I was satisfied .

This review represents personal opinion of Kristina who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency American Adventure, working at Village By The Sea in Wells, ME.

Aug 14, 2016