O’connors resort cottages , Lake George , NY, Ccusa

Experience with agency CCUSA was negative.
Very disorganized and do not offer any help if you have a problem there, and threatening the permanent repeal of visas.

Experience with location Lake George, NY was positive.
Nice place, good for rest, just a little bit away from everything and there are no much activities and clubs.

Experience with employer O' Connors resort was positive.
They are fair, paid on time and very good accommodation with lots of room for all of us who lived there. The job is not too strenuous, but the boss expects everything to be perfectly clear, what we are is often maddening, but everything else was ok correctly :)

This review represents personal opinion of Tea who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency CCUSA, working at O' Connors resort in Lake George, NY.

Dec 22, 2016