Lake George RV Park, Queensburry NY, CCUSA

Experience with agency CCUSA was positive.
Ok agency, I don't have objections.

Experience with location Queensbury, NY was negative.
The location is such that it need a half our by bike to reach civilization as well as a supermarket, the ride is up to the hill through the woods or very busy road. Trolley rides only from 27.06 to 3.09 the first at 9:30 and the last at 22 hours, taxi is too expensive around 24 $ to Lake George which is not good if you went out to drink a little longer, you're in the woods all away when it rains, cut off from the world, very bad.

Experience with employer Lake george rv park was negative.
That's what we were doing as a housekeeping is janitorial work, really hard job, not a little pleasing, The Americans did not dare communicate with us, we did not have anywhere transport, buying food was tricky. Because it is difficult to bicycles Hours $ 9.5, NO TIPS. Accommodation $ 60 a week. The boss is uncomfortable, sticking his nose everywhere. Do not work for them, my biggest mistake is that I did not quit and gone. Oke possibility of finding another job in the lake george but with the employer's

This review represents personal opinion of Monika who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency CCUSA, working at Lake george rv park in Queensbury, NY.

Oct 11, 2016