The Fudgery, Obx, NC, CCUSA

Experience with agency CCUSA was neutral.
Nothing, I trust that all agencies are same after they take money.

Experience with location The Outer Banks, NY was neutral.

Experience with employer The Fudgery was negative.
Hourly: 8$ Hours per week: 35 Average tip (weekly): / Managers Ivana and Matija are horrible people who lose a maximum exploiting unprotected students. At the end of the season firing people for no reason in order to retain a deposit for a house and bonuses that students earn during the summer. By his own admission deliberately employ more J1 students who rarely welcome the end of his contract. And of course the same day you were laid off have to leave the house, although of course you do not have where to go. PLEASE do not let STUDENTS IN Fudgery because bad experiences are repeated from year to year.

This review represents personal opinion of Vlatka who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency CCUSA, working at The Fudgery in The Outer Banks, NY.

Nov 21, 2016