Georgian Lakeside Resort, Lake George, NY, Work and travel group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was neutral.
2016 I applied a second time to go through Wat group and I recanted. Kolko first year I was pleased tolko the second year all went wrong. The desire not to go back to Martha (a to Alaska I did not work) I wanted to the west coast. I was told that I have an interview for Park City, Utah, or a couple of weeks before the interview I was told that it would not be. It ended so I 2015 I got a job at Martha's Vineyard reception a maid in 2016 in Lake George (NY). Fortunately, the second time I knew the rules of the game a little better and as soon as I arrived in Lake George I talked to the manager that I switched to the reception desk is what happened after the interview with a few managers.

Experience with location Lake George, NY was positive.
Lake George is a small town in the state of New York, at about 3 hours from Montreal and 3 hours from NYC. Surrounded by mountains and on one end of Lake George, which is long 50 km. There are two major events that made Lake George famous. At the beginning of the season to the Americade (can be seen all engines ever invented, with its parade), which is at the beginning of June and Car show (the same principle only cars) in early September. In the meantime, every Thursday night are fireworks, they are the main attractions. Weekends have a lot of work still unbelievable but during the week the only July and August at this level. She could be very funny difference between Sunday afternoon when they can not go down the main street from the hustle and Monday at the same time when they may find their two men. But generally a nice place to live with many options for another job (I'm your titles after two days of searches).

Experience with employer Georgian Lakeside Resort was positive.
Very positive. I stayed in touch with a lot of people from work. Manager reception more than fair, the supervisor I was hooked again but admitted a mistake so we are ok other. It is generally between 36-40h week, it happened a few times that I had overtime but only because what happened that day someone comes to work (not in advance) and I covered the shift. Hours $ 10 and I got a symbolic bonus at the end of the season and a gift from colleagues. My shifts were mainly 15-23h so I found a second job in a hotel next to almost (there is another hotel between them - or all three, one after the other) O 'Sullivan ' s Motel, which keeps families unlike Georgiana who keeps an Indian corporation. I u O 'Sullivan ' s-u I worked at the front desk mainly 10-14.30h, between 20-30h week 11 $ an hour, I was able to choose how many tolko, but that was 30h max, they needed more. Family phenomenal, better I think there is in Lake George, the single bad word I have for them. All in all a great place, great experience with employers, it is easy to get a job and needs to go. Nas was 20-30 from the Balkans but it was still wat students (from other parts of the world).

This review represents personal opinion of Sandra who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at Georgian Lakeside Resort in Lake George, NY.

Feb 22, 2017