Lake George, NY

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  • Beautiful place. A typical American small town, beautiful lake and nature around it. One of the beautiful landscapes I've lived in. Everywhere you can get on foot. Tourist place with about 1000 inhabitants. Everyone was kind, you could walk in the city without any problems at night. It is a very safe place where people rarely lock the door and with many catering facilities where you can easily find a second or third job.

  • The place where I worked, the area, didn't impress me. The big cities we visited, yes, were like from the dreams.. Recommend

  • The place is small, real tourist, lots of restaurants, fast food, motels, hotels and shops.

  • Lake George is a small town in the state of New York, at about 3 hours from Montreal and 3 hours from NYC. Surrounded by mountains and on one end of Lake George, which is long 50 km. There are two major events that made Lake George famous. At the beginning of the season to the Americade (can be seen all engines ever invented, with its parade), which is at the beginning of June and Car show (the same principle only cars) in early September. In the meantime, every Thursday night are fireworks, they are the main attractions. Weekends have a lot of work still unbelievable but during the week the only July and August at this level. She could be very funny difference between Sunday afternoon when they can not go down the main street from the hustle and Monday at the same time when they may find their two men. But generally a nice place to live with many options for another job (I'm your titles after two days of searches).

  • Tourist town, very small, but it is a lot of tourists through summer. Can be found another job, is not that difficult. As for living conditions, the nearest walmart in town (Queensbury) close to the bus that goes to work only in season (starts sometime in late June and ends in early September) out of season to be a taxi, there are also the closest McDonald's, Taco bell, Burger King and more. In Lake George has bars and places to go out there and beach but can be boring sometimes because the place is really a little bit not always to go to Queensbury's because it needs to fit in time with work and other things. There is one close to the Outlet which also go by bus and has a few good shops in Queensbury-shopping when they want to buy clothes, shoes, perfumes, and more. Leti is an exhibition of old cars and motorcycle collection that are large-scale, but which can also be interesting to see. City is 4-5 hours away from NY City, at 3.5-4 hours from Boston, 5-6 hours to Niagara Falls, etc. but only to someone who has driven a car because hardly any agency wants to rent a car because we students do not have a credit card, I personally tried several agencies that were closest to but we are not allowed anywhere. Otherwise the nature around is very beautiful but can not be without a car is nothing much to see. One can make nice when that befalls, it may happen that due to a 15000, and 2000 can all depends on the person, taxes in the state are not exactly small, but it generally returns.

  • Nice place, good for rest, just a little bit away from everything and there are no much activities and clubs.

  • A multitude of opportunities for additional jobs. The weather was mostly good. The locals are very friendly.

  • Lake George, a small quiet tourist town, beautiful nature and the environment, lives only at summer.

  • Lake George is a huge lake located halfway between New York City 's and Montreal . The town is small but full of resorts and restaurants so it is not hard to find a second job . A number of students there so at night the streets are full, there are a few good places to go out as nightclub .

  • The place is small, such as Zabljak , but beautiful. Great possibility of finding another job . Going out, parties , shopping all you have in one place :))

  • The place is not big but you can find second job , however, believes it and this one was not enough because I had a lot of hours

  • An interesting little place in the middle of the season , a lot of students , there are places to go , not so much, but for a relaxed summer without excessive follies, quite enough . I immediately found another job , I worked at the pool . It has a lot of work because it is a touristic city , there are maintained and famous Americade , for lovers of engines, as well as the Car show in September for car lovers .

  • Lake George is the place for lovers of nature, hiking, enjoying the beautiful lake and a multitude of water activities . No one too crazy nightlife . Additional work can be found in restaurants and hotels, therefore always has .

  • A small tourist town , a lot of students , nightlife is not exactly something a turbulent but there is nowhere to get out ... It is possible to find another job without problems, near the Niagara Falls , NYC, Boston ...

  • Lake George is a small quiet tourist town on the same lake friendly. In this place are a lot of small souvenir shops , motels, restaurants , cafes ... The city is full of tourists during the season and has a lot to do all possible species and very quickly you can find another business.

  • There is work who wants to work, a better place for the elderly than for the young or for business is good.

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