O' Connors resort

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  • They are fair, paid on time and very good accommodation with lots of room for all of us who lived there. The job is not too strenuous, but the boss expects everything to be perfectly clear, what we are is often maddening, but everything else was ok correctly :)

  • Hourly: 8.50$ Number of hours per week : 40-45 Average tip : Description Employer : My job was to maintain and clean houses or cottages, which was not at all difficult . On weekends, he sometimes was a little hard because then the largest crowds so hard all achieved . Are we so hourly on weekends was $ 05.12 . Masters are really wonderful people , they went out to meet us quite a few times and really I would not change them , that I could not stay there .. Basically , a wonderful experience with this employer and the job .

  • Common tasks in the maintenance of a small tourist resort , colleagues and employers are wonderful people , they have a lot of respect for the people of Serbia , and are reasonable according to any requirements in terms of days and the like . Accommodation is ok , the only problem is that it is 3 km away from the village and is the transport of bicycles or Trolly that runs every 20 minutes

  • Hourly: 8.5$ Number of hours per week: Average tips:

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