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  • I stayed in Wisconsin Dells, it was brilliant, a combination of a tranquil area surrounded by nature and a population formed by the summer student determinant come to work. And a population that is determined by students coming in to work and have fun as much as possible :)

  • WISCONSIN DELLS is a very quiet town, some say it's a bit boring. I really loved it, there are plenty of beautiful places to visit. It is located near Chicago and Mineapolis, big cities worth seeing.

  • The location is very bad for profits, if you do not want to Cimaš and that you manage. Jobs at the aqua park was paid $ 8 to 8.5 but you do not really give many hours of work. I am therefore left the job and went to a restaurant and a furniture factory. As for entertainment, there are a lot of students and a lot of tourists, so there are a lot of fooling around, alkoholisanje and everything else that goes with it. Captain Generals very low throughout Wisconsin Dells, or can be found at some restaurants hourly wage of $ 10 or 11. Second shift starts at about 4 or 5th.

  • Wisconsin Dells is a small town with 2 800 people with a lot of water parks and restaurants, and with a little luck you can find another job. Hourly rate not exceeding 10 $ and the best restaurants in Lake Delton where i will probably be your accommodation during their stay there. Pizza Pub, and the B-Lux 2 restaurants holds a Macedonian Elvis. Third Sprechers restaurant, located across from the accommodation Hiawatha who holds American and in these three restaurants has good tips for the rest I do not know. In the street where these 3 restaurants, there are many others that do not even know who holds or how much they pay. As for downtown, which is far from Hiawatha, it's nothing special, plenty of souvenir shops, restaurants and discos, and that if the transaction has kidnaps before 10 June. Americans are mostly elderly, with a lot of students from Turkey, Romania, Ukraine and Jamaica. The city has one outlet, Walmart, Home Depot, and all are far from accommodation and from downtown. Taxis for all students $ 7 anywhere within the city (Lake Delton, Wisconsin Dells). In addition to these two cities are a lot of lakes and national parks with beautiful nature. Chicago is 3,5h car, Milwaukee 1.5.

  • Funny, the city has all kinds of curiosities and attractions. Who wants to work, can be no problem to find a job. I would definitely be back there.

  • The place is very nice , a small tourist town with a little more than 2,000 inhabitants , however, was full of flies . A lot J1 students, Mexicans , Chinese, Bulgarians and Indians . Experience with the additional work by finding the positive , I could not choose between a few errands , then the workforce has to be , especially if you come early. Season begins after the 4th of July. Lots of nature , very nice home ( when you have a free day ) has a lot of sports courts ( basketball , tennis, football ) . I worked a second job at a small restaurant and the owner was great . She was very kind to all employees . I'm so lucky eye extra work. The restaurant is called the Texas Brisket BBQ Shack . The food is excellent , as employed 're getting free food and drink. Also uniform on this job I was free .

  • The city is a tourist , beautiful, with lots of interesting attractions , water parks . The city has a river and lake and nature is beautiful . Nearby is the plaza where people bathe , organized and boat ride on the river , there are a lot of nice restaurants with delicious food . The possibility of finding another job is great, especially at the beginning of the season. The locals are friendly , but mainly tourists in town so the atmosphere is positive. The climate is pleasant, no hellish heat , at least not for this year.

  • I found 4 additional jobs, it is easy to find ; )

  • Wisconsin Dells is a beautiful tourist town , located 4 hours by train or bus from a north Chicago 's. Nature is beautiful, with lots of lakes, beautiful river and lots of greenery . It spreads over a large area , with lots of reserves, open and closed aqua parks and amusement parks , restaurants . What therefore there is a great opportunity to find additional jobs. The season starts May 15 and runs until 01 September . My recommendation is to start from 01 June to 01 September .

  • The possibility of finding additional work is .. Well they know the city is full of Bulgarians and Jamaican biting and seeking jobs as they do not have bread to eat, so the competition is very big, but also has the right to touristic city in need of a lot of people so that he always finds something .. I have also Romanians ... I'm not a person who loves to fight, but Bulgarians are horrible people .. they are really rude ... A said Jamaicans were ok but really it's there when yellow ants .. They work at Mc Donald's and Wallmartt after 17 hours a day, believe it or not .. I Imo anecdote that gives me another Jamaican woman envelope with key accounts instead (percent of our job was to rent the keys to the cabinets) and says that you need to open the chest on what she asks again in two or three times if he was sure and he said ma just you go and open .. I came across a woman's supervisor and told him .. and then when the supervisor came to my drug is not remembered at all is not this woman did not even envelopes that he said to me it was so much evil as he began to lose sense of lack of sleep and a lot of work ... I is not messing around with this woman, I know since it was just down in the dumps about it for days .. it's really unreal what is the motivation for some people ... the second job will certainly find just need to be persistent because the workers everywhere are changing and you practically go in search as soon as you are free again and again and always opens a position ... The town is very small .. With one end of the 45 foot .. Is it full of clubs, cafes, restaurants, fast food .. And of course the theme parks that has made this place ... Nightlife is as good as I've seen since I personally do not I go out, and it is interesting as virtually every traffic cop after midnight due parties so that you are really safe and really has them on every corner ... They are stopping people for lights on a bicycle and any nonsense .. Just take care of the small town is and the crime rate 0 what we believe is important to everyone .. WT students all ride bicycles, because you'll need when you go to another job in order to reach the 2 rather than 20 minutes what means a lot because of the murder of more than due time ... Air is to freeze .. It is simply ridiculous to bass in this town are one of the largest parks in the world :) When it is the largest sun does not go over 35 degrees, maybe once, but it is rarely .. The season is short from the beginning of June until the beginning of September .. In May and September, after only 10-15 degrees .. and annoyed me because I am in the morning when you get out of the house had to wear a sweater with you, and then it warms me .. But the real temperature during the night but I think no more about 10 degrees .. so brothers jacket: D I do not know what's so cold .. Maybe what's on the border with Canada, but I froze ..

  • Chula Vista is an amusement park next to the Wisconsin River . The park website only work so I had the opportunity to meet a lot of Eastern Europeans ... Another job I found in the park and the town is half an hour away , where there are a couple of clubs and cafes by me were all ok .

  • It's a small town , usually is full on weekends because there are plenty of aqua parks so people come, on weekdays is a little emptier . It's filled with students , you always have someone to mess around and have a drink . There are a couple of clubs in the region , plenty of restaurants and a large outlet mall.

  • A little town with about 2,000 inhabitants . In winter dead village summer madness for fans of entertainment / aqua parks .

  • City as the place is very small, mainly tourist town .... Water and theme parks are the main areas of interest of tourists in this city.

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