Mt Olympus, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, Ayusa

Experience with agency AYUSA was positive.
Experience with the agency AYUSA is positive, and I have not a bad word about them. Complete freedom in the choice of air tickets, a large number of bids in almost every part of America, and always respond to any questions about the program. As for the sponsorship agency Intrax, very bad experience at the time when Mt. Olympus me fired and threatened expulsion from the accommodation, the people of Intrax told me 'it is best to go home' 'and any further assistance they would not have provided, and tried to convince me that I was not fired, but I had to get out because I accommodation more busy in Mt. Olympus: D.

Experience with location Wisconsin Dells, WI was neutral.
Wisconsin Dells is a small town with 2 800 people with a lot of water parks and restaurants, and with a little luck you can find another job. Hourly rate not exceeding 10 $ and the best restaurants in Lake Delton where i will probably be your accommodation during their stay there. Pizza Pub, and the B-Lux 2 restaurants holds a Macedonian Elvis. Third Sprechers restaurant, located across from the accommodation Hiawatha who holds American and in these three restaurants has good tips for the rest I do not know. In the street where these 3 restaurants, there are many others that do not even know who holds or how much they pay. As for downtown, which is far from Hiawatha, it's nothing special, plenty of souvenir shops, restaurants and discos, and that if the transaction has kidnaps before 10 June. Americans are mostly elderly, with a lot of students from Turkey, Romania, Ukraine and Jamaica. The city has one outlet, Walmart, Home Depot, and all are far from accommodation and from downtown. Taxis for all students $ 7 anywhere within the city (Lake Delton, Wisconsin Dells). In addition to these two cities are a lot of lakes and national parks with beautiful nature. Chicago is 3,5h car, Milwaukee 1.5.

Experience with employer Mt. Olympus Resorts was negative.
Employer over which I left the Mt. Olympus, I got a job in the laundry (Laundry department) where during the season, 50 degrees in the room. A director Kim and woman on a scale underneath it, which is coming to Belgrade to interview Jillian Surman all the worst. I was discharged for medical reasons even threatened expulsion from the accommodation and all because I asked for a transfer because I felt good in the laundry room, and in such conditions, no agreement with them was not possible. -Hourly: 8,50 $ -Hours: 32h per week (during the season and more)

This review represents personal opinion of Luka who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency AYUSA, working at Mt. Olympus Resorts in Wisconsin Dells, WI.

Nov 1, 2016