Mount Olympus, Wisconsin Dells,Wisconsin, AYUSA

Experience with agency AYUSA was positive.
In agency work 3 to 4 people aged between 25 and 35 years old .. Each of them was at least 2-3 times a work and travel .. and speak English perfectly, finished the Faculty and very serious .. As far as I figured they did not someone I opened the agency and who's going to make you fucking that arrives, someone who will give you fits or does not respond to e-mails if a whim, someone who will give you the sale price fetched .. but they have an older shrieks which has some 60 years and that the grid continuously and its agencies so that they try and do their job .. I really extremely correct! All praise, I had not hardly connection or a similar bass have tried about everything and have patience .. Here's the second time I signed up and wait slowly and new offers, which normally arrive by e-mail only to people who pay the first installment and in that way application and enter the system .. so no offers can be found on the site .. I am a asked 50 people through the net and asked around and the agency listed this site and forums and so I decided for this agency (my happiness) after I I heard a lot of negative experiences for a variety of agencies and agency selection was my biggest fear in particular ..

Experience with location Wisconsin Dells, WI was neutral.
The possibility of finding additional work is .. Well they know the city is full of Bulgarians and Jamaican biting and seeking jobs as they do not have bread to eat, so the competition is very big, but also has the right to touristic city in need of a lot of people so that he always finds something .. I have also Romanians ... I'm not a person who loves to fight, but Bulgarians are horrible people .. they are really rude ... A said Jamaicans were ok but really it's there when yellow ants .. They work at Mc Donald's and Wallmartt after 17 hours a day, believe it or not .. I Imo anecdote that gives me another Jamaican woman envelope with key accounts instead (percent of our job was to rent the keys to the cabinets) and says that you need to open the chest on what she asks again in two or three times if he was sure and he said ma just you go and open .. I came across a woman's supervisor and told him .. and then when the supervisor came to my drug is not remembered at all is not this woman did not even envelopes that he said to me it was so much evil as he began to lose sense of lack of sleep and a lot of work ... I is not messing around with this woman, I know since it was just down in the dumps about it for days .. it's really unreal what is the motivation for some people ... the second job will certainly find just need to be persistent because the workers everywhere are changing and you practically go in search as soon as you are free again and again and always opens a position ... The town is very small .. With one end of the 45 foot .. Is it full of clubs, cafes, restaurants, fast food .. And of course the theme parks that has made this place ... Nightlife is as good as I've seen since I personally do not I go out, and it is interesting as virtually every traffic cop after midnight due parties so that you are really safe and really has them on every corner ... They are stopping people for lights on a bicycle and any nonsense .. Just take care of the small town is and the crime rate 0 what we believe is important to everyone .. WT students all ride bicycles, because you'll need when you go to another job in order to reach the 2 rather than 20 minutes what means a lot because of the murder of more than due time ... Air is to freeze .. It is simply ridiculous to bass in this town are one of the largest parks in the world :) When it is the largest sun does not go over 35 degrees, maybe once, but it is rarely .. The season is short from the beginning of June until the beginning of September .. In May and September, after only 10-15 degrees .. and annoyed me because I am in the morning when you get out of the house had to wear a sweater with you, and then it warms me .. But the real temperature during the night but I think no more about 10 degrees .. so brothers jacket: D I do not know what's so cold .. Maybe what's on the border with Canada, but I froze ..

Experience with employer Mount Olympus was positive.
Hours: 7.50 Hours per week: 70-90 I was selling tickets .. I got a lot of lessons .. from 9 am to 6 pm, and then if you want you can also clean the park and so on, and I get more hours .. I got a second job at a restaurant as a server .. So I used out and burned in a restaurant on the afternoon shift and sometimes I stayed longer in the park to do somewhat ... So I worked a lot every day .. But always ends around 21-22 hours and then go to sleep .. But I tell you, if you want you can i Walllmart which is 10 minutes and with bike on the night shift until 4 in the morning .. Wallmart always people need .. but I did not want to undermine the health .. my goal was to get the money back that I invested hundreds of parents, I lived a whole year of at its own expense and experienced this kind of life and coping because not all there, black and white, and teaching you that experience to become your little man .. I traveled back and save the money to pay for next season .. So I met your goals .. Hours in Wisconsin 7.25 minimum required by law but is mostly unfortunately all employers, and holding more or less hourly .. but if you will not have Jamaican buddy or friend who wants to work .. so small that the steam is realistic is if you work after 12-13 hours day at the end of you stay plus 3,000 or $ 4,000 ... so for serious couples do at this place .. Go to Alaska or elsewhere to work for hourly rate $ 10 .. it makes a big difference ... But I pleased all in all though I was returning ..

This review represents personal opinion of Ognjen Vasiljevic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency AYUSA, working at Mount Olympus in Wisconsin Dells, WI.

Aug 5, 2016