Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI, Work and Travel Club

Experience with agency Work and Travel Club was positive.
I went with w&t club and it was great, if I would go the second time I will probably go with them. Girls are very nice and serious. They were available to us at any time

Experience with location Wisconsin Dells, WI was positive.
I stayed in Wisconsin Dells, it was brilliant, a combination of a tranquil area surrounded by nature and a population formed by the summer student determinant come to work. And a population that is determined by students coming in to work and have fun as much as possible :)

Experience with employer Wilderness Resort was positive.
I worked as a lifeguard, and there were also pluses and minuses, which disliked me most was the fact that they closed the kitchen if even one person from the home did not clean up for 2-3 days, and most I liked the fact that there were many j1 from all over Europe and not only.

This review represents personal opinion of ionut haluta who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Work and Travel Club, working at Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI.

Oct 22, 2018