Noah’s Ark waterpark, Wisconsin Dells, WI, Ideas

Experience with agency Ideas was positive.
We had trouble finding a job that is. the place where we work, but it happened because we insisted that we be together 4 in the same place. They are available at any time of the day, Daniel was just trying everything goes well for him and by students.

Experience with location Wisconsin Dells, WI was neutral.
The location is very bad for profits, if you do not want to Cimaš and that you manage. Jobs at the aqua park was paid $ 8 to 8.5 but you do not really give many hours of work. I am therefore left the job and went to a restaurant and a furniture factory. As for entertainment, there are a lot of students and a lot of tourists, so there are a lot of fooling around, alkoholisanje and everything else that goes with it. Captain Generals very low throughout Wisconsin Dells, or can be found at some restaurants hourly wage of $ 10 or 11. Second shift starts at about 4 or 5th.

Experience with employer Noah's Ark waterpark was negative.
As I said, the employer did not provide enough hours for work, often below the minimum after they started, and that condition that we have to stay longer, and so you can not make to another job, and again the next day doing only 2 hours. If you chose them already, go and watch them immediately leave and looking for something better.

This review represents personal opinion of Vlatko who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Ideas, working at Noah's Ark waterpark in Wisconsin Dells, WI.

Feb 22, 2017