Hotshots Imaging, Wisconsin Dells, WI, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was positive.
The best team definitely . For a short time they managed impossible. They sent me all the necessary, all information were available to me , preparing me for an interview with the employer , as well as the sighting , directed me about airline tickets , transport from the airport to the city in which I worked . With them all was facilitated and I had a feeling as if I am traveling to a neighboring country and not on another continent . Indeed all the sincere praise !

Experience with location Wisconsin Dells, WI was positive.
The city is a tourist , beautiful, with lots of interesting attractions , water parks . The city has a river and lake and nature is beautiful . Nearby is the plaza where people bathe , organized and boat ride on the river , there are a lot of nice restaurants with delicious food . The possibility of finding another job is great, especially at the beginning of the season. The locals are friendly , but mainly tourists in town so the atmosphere is positive. The climate is pleasant, no hellish heat , at least not for this year.

Experience with employer Hotshots imaging was positive.
Hourly: 9$ Number of hours per week : 100 Average tip (weekly ): no We were distributed by sites , mine was one of the attractions in the city. Upsidedown white house, to photograph the tourists when they enter and when you go out and sell images offer packages picture . Business was not tiring, even more so the menu was very interesting .

This review represents personal opinion of Tijana Jovin who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Experience, working at Hotshots imaging in Wisconsin Dells, WI.

Aug 13, 2016