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  • The location is terrible for work and travel students who want to make money for travel. The city is small and there is not much to see, but its location is not very bad, as it is located between NYC and Boston, the two most popular cities. Never go there unless you have a food and beverage business, serving or delivery room or something at The Ocean House. The city is scattered with everything you need a car for and it is impossible to go from work to another job if you are placed in a place where all J1 students are housed. If you accept and come to this city, you will struggle with one job and other jobs will mostly be sometimes with people who work in the black with workers and come for you outside the house and bring you back, but this is limited and not every day of work. If you do a serving job in a good restaurant, you will have good pay checks and you will not need another job. If you are 21 there are places to go, there are beach bars but they are mostly boring. All in all, be careful and don't go to this place as much as the agencies tell you all the nicest things about it, because when they come, they just realize it.

  • A seasonal city that doesn't offer many options for entertainment but imply minimum spending and a greater chance of traveling after the expiration of the work visa.

  • Positive square. I worked 4 job. The city can not be much to spend and could be doing a lot. It's not a place to party or more of the profits.

  • A small tourist town, I lived 5 minutes from the beach, an hour from Newport, for go out only bars on the beach.

  • The city has about 20 000 inhabitants and it is not bad. Boston is about an hour by train. Very easily you can find an additional job, because you'll live to around 200 meters from the ocean, and there are many restaurants, cafes, shops, motels, hotels ... Accommodation was excellent. Cable TV, Internet, washing machine and dryer, all that is needed for a normal life. Parties almost every night, as we were about 30 international students. Price: 100 USD / week.

  • The place is small but beautiful, on the shores of the ocean. The climate is perfect, moderate summer and mild fall. Nightlife is not very developed, only a few bars. In order to have a better time, has to go to neighboring towns that are situated at about 30-40 min drive. Finding another job in my case was not easy, because my first job is not enough space left for different shifts. With other employers would be difficult to conclude an agreement if they were available to work with them. If I look at the experience of other European students with whom I lived, another job has been possible to find, but the main problem is transportation because city traffic in general does not exist. $ 100 per week. Accommodation was solid but I think it is not good enough for that price.

  • A small town on the coast of the ocean, air perfect, temp. + 33 max. There are many bars on the beach, but if you have high night life ? can do casino Foxwoods resort which is only 40 min. (Taxi or the newly acquired American friends and colleagues from work ? because they are totally ok) Accommodation has provided us the hotel where we were doing (their property). $ 100 per week. Clean, 3 minutes from the beach, motel with about twenty apartments where is situated an average of three students. Apartments are equipped with refrigerators, small cooker (most), microwave, TV. Party say whenever you want, but we had a problem because of the noise, and the police she admonished us because they were neighbors flooded, so be quiet as possible!

  • Locality nothing special for another job a little more difficult, but a lot of people to find extra work in mid-July, as to the night life, there have 2-3 cafe, nothing special (it is best to make ourselves party), air-ok (I had air conditioning in the room ? Double and four-bed rooms (Apartment) Price 100 $ I think it should be a little cheaper, but ok.

  • Very monotonous, tourist place, but without a car forget about any kind of entertainment, there will be a deal-house ... except perfect beach. Additional work can be found, just need to be very persistent, cv wear every day to keep you well remember, until you say you're boring and you've got a job ? p. s. perhaps not immediately the first month, but they make the effort will find it sooner or later ? Accommodation, hm ? I had a chance, big apartment with two rooms and a kitchen ... such is perhaps another three in the whole motel, and it's great if you go with the society ... the rest are small double rooms ... although we have a common room with a large kitchen ... ma at all get used to the good society, and that will be for sure ?

  • The climate is perfect, the temperature did not exceed more than 35 degrees, the nights they knew to be warm but not terrible, it was the rainy days, but mostly rain when it falls just before noon or in the evening. Nightlife is not bad, there are a couple of bars that are open until 1 am or anything special that would be really great time you have to go about 30 minutes on the car in Foxwoods resort to recommend that mandatory visit and within it are two clubs Shrine and Scoripion As for the additional job of finding at first none of us are not too sought him, but in the end all that we wanted to have two jobs we find, really great possibility of founding just need to be persistent, where to be seen: -Breezway Resort -Sandy Shore -villa -Pleasant view -Pady's -Maria's -Windjammer Accommodation We have paid 100 $ no matter how many of us in the room .. it was a room for couples, a special room for two people, three, four .. It was the entire motel (Blue Ocean) which were all employees of the Ocean House, about 40 people .. Internet, air conditioning, hot water always, new bedding, TV and some rooms even had a stove, while those that did not had to use the stove in the common room where he was also a washing machine and drying. It has to find a better society but principally because nobody went there ?

  • The place is located on the ocean, in a beautiful and peaceful tourist town; the possibility of finding another job is large, private hotels and motels, and restaurants on the beach. Nightlife is not so diverse; there are several beach bars which are open until 1 am. Although the city is located on the ocean, the climate is variable, frequent rain and clouds, the temperature barely exceeds 35 degrees. We were placed at a motel a minute walk from the beach, the accommodation price was $ 100 per week. Housing conditions were satisfactory. A good place to hang out!

  • The possibility of finding second job from the end of June, beginning of July because of the season that starts in that period of time. Nightlife is almost non-existent, a few bars on the beach that is close to 1. The climate is very pleasant. Accommodation $ 100 for a week, so we ordered the employer, it may be unable to find something else, but for this price gain all that is necessary and solid quality, most importantly, close to the beach, where you can easily find additional jobs .

  • A little place, a tourist. In May you will rarely see someone, but in July and August will be on the streets of the column of cars that go to the beach. The climate is perfect. Plaza enormous. In addition to the beach there are hotels, restaurants and a few clubs. In the center is Walmart, McDonalds, TJMaxx, Donkey Donuts, Stop & Shop, etc., etc. Very quiet place. After the 4th of July is very easy to find extra work. The town itself is located between New York City and Boston, so that those who are living here and working their days off can be used for a tour of these cities, as well as many small and interesting towns that are located nearby. Accommodation: All students who are working for the Ocean House will be accommodated in motels. This year, international students were in one, and American students in another motel. Both are kidnapped by the beach. The price of accommodation is 100 usd per week which is not little, or no extra cost and quality of accommodation is ok. Rooms with 2,3 and 4 beds. There is a common room where there is a kitchen, laundry room with a tumble dryer and washing, and WIFI internet.

  • All seeking additional work, although I now think that you will not, fathers, believe me. For additional job I recommended Windjammer surf bar, where I worked as a line cook for 11 dollars an hour.

  • There are plenty of descriptions of this place on this site, but I will add more, although I already wrote. The right of a small tourist place where the transaction is to anyone who wants to work. The only drawback is the short season, which lasts from June to September. But enough to earn more than enough!

  • The city is on the coast of the ocean , with a perfect climate . As for finding other work , opportunities exist in motels on the coast , or bars , and most had a second job . I personally did not find it, ( probably not been sufficiently persistent ) , but on the other hand maybe I would not have so much free time to devote tour the surrounding cities , such as I am. If your priority this journey earnings , I suggest you find another job , because the one you will not make that much money - if I do not do at the position server . :)

  • Because has several experiences in this small town all is said it does not want to repeat the same. Refers to the city, and as for the places where I worked , you can look at the following site: http://www.thevillaatwesterly.com/ It is a rather large house that has 8 rooms, 4 employs girls who make up the interior of the beautiful and preparing breakfast , and one person that everything outside the house looks nice and it 's me : D

  • Anyone who wants to work the extra job can find it , but it must begin with the search on time. The climate is similar to ours , the city is quite pleasant to stay.

  • Westerly is a very small town , but also very nice . Who loves nature , walks and chilling on the beach certainly will not regret it. Night life is not high , only a few clubs on the beach who usually work up to 1 hour after midnight . A good time is certainly not absent because the rules are mainly parties and fooling around in the motel where we lived . In essence it is all up to you , if I manage will not be bored. In addition, the motel was a few hundred meters from the beach , so we have free time during the day mostly spent there. The possibility of finding another job is large, so that all those who wanted to , find another job. The climate is similar to ours , temperatures go up to 35 degrees, but it was also a large number of rainy days in a seaside town . I had a very good experience with the locals , always ready to help , very polite and cultured world .

  • Westerly is a small town on the shore of the ocean with excellent climate. A second job can be found in the center, which is about 5 km from the beach or in the bars on the beach. Finding another job is not a problem, just need to be persistent.

  • Westerly is a quiet, "small " town without any entertainment. All bars are open until 1h , except in Connecticat where are working to 2h . The bike you will definitely need if you want to go to the beach , find another job , go shopping , but watch to make friends with the shuttle drivers (mini van that drives you to work ) and will take you no problem : ) ... J1 students do u live in a motel WI Ambassador . Motel has 10 rooms , all rooms have two beds , a common living room , kitchen and dining room. A second job can be found just need to be persistent and that you schedule the first work permit to work ( in my case , I have only 1 or 2 days to do another job because I worked every night WI , a third job I've found only last month ) .

  • Motel where we were seated, provided by the employer, located at a distance of about 50m from the beach, that is on the coast, which was one of the advantages. However, the beach, and 3 clubs / bars that exist on the beach were the only thing we were close, and what we did not need transportation. For everything else, shops, a bank, a pharmacy, we had to get by, as in there was no public transport, no one of us had a car available. As far as extra work, whoever he wanted, found it. Some even 2 :) It is not very difficult, just need to be determined and go from employer to employer, not until someone says- DA :) As for the girls and nightlife, the beach these 3 teams, which easily bored, or bar you can pop in for a drink whenever you want, because they are so close. And if sometimes organize and provide the car, you will have many more opportunities. There are indeed phenomenal clubs and nightlife at around only 30 minutes drive, as well as many interesting places that you can visit when you have a day off. Relatively close to the Providence (capital), as well as Boston and New York City.

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