Ocean House, Westerly, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was neutral.
Problem was that sometimes we communicated with e-mails with more people from the agency, which is why it was known to happen that the message reaches the appropriate person. What happened was that my payment slip seen half a month after I sent (and this was a condition for applying for DS) so I was late DS, therefore I sa sighting and buying tickets, costing for the 15 days jumped 100 euros ...

Experience with location Westerly, RI was positive.
A small town on the coast of the ocean, air perfect, temp. + 33 max. There are many bars on the beach, but if you have high night life ? can do casino Foxwoods resort which is only 40 min. (Taxi or the newly acquired American friends and colleagues from work ? because they are totally ok) Accommodation has provided us the hotel where we were doing (their property). $ 100 per week. Clean, 3 minutes from the beach, motel with about twenty apartments where is situated an average of three students. Apartments are equipped with refrigerators, small cooker (most), microwave, TV. Party say whenever you want, but we had a problem because of the noise, and the police she admonished us because they were neighbors flooded, so be quiet as possible!

Experience with employer Ocean House was positive.
$ 5 a hour, but with the tips reach up to 16 $ on average, and sometimes more Job Description: The removal takes about 7 am, but to stay if needed overtime to gooood paid. You must be prepared for tough shifts and be smiling from morning to night: D. Managers are totally ok, are correct, and are always coming out to meet us on the free days and so on ... There are 4 restaurants, a schedule and specific obligations depend on the position and restaurants ... Total tips are deployed to all waiters, without "hiding love by pockets ".

This review represents personal opinion of Tanja who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2011 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Ocean House in Westerly, RI.

Oct 14, 2016