Ocean House, Westerly, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was neutral.
Since I went to the program quite late (late July), many things I had to solve itself, because the agency is not able to provide me with adequate information about how many in that case, can I get a visa and so on. Most of the things were complied with, but there were several mistakes that such an agency should not permit themselves.

Experience with location Westerly, RI was neutral.
The place is small but beautiful, on the shores of the ocean. The climate is perfect, moderate summer and mild fall. Nightlife is not very developed, only a few bars. In order to have a better time, has to go to neighboring towns that are situated at about 30-40 min drive. Finding another job in my case was not easy, because my first job is not enough space left for different shifts. With other employers would be difficult to conclude an agreement if they were available to work with them. If I look at the experience of other European students with whom I lived, another job has been possible to find, but the main problem is transportation because city traffic in general does not exist. $ 100 per week. Accommodation was solid but I think it is not good enough for that price.

Experience with employer Ocean House was positive.
$ 9.50, overtime 14.50, about 45 hours per week Morning meeting with the manager where we were given tasks for the day, ie. rooms that need to clean up. Dan flowed depending on the number of guests, with their early or late arrivals or departures. Once the day was relaxed, and sometimes we had to work hastily and without a break.

This review represents personal opinion of Dijana who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2011 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Ocean House in Westerly, RI.

Oct 14, 2016