Ocean House, Westerly, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was positive.
All they say they are respected , I do not have any specific objections , except that it was sometimes confusing it as we responded to several different email addresses , but other than that I had no problems . I commend Radmila from the agency in Novi Sad , which helped me a lot , this is normally the first year that I have participated in the program, so I had a lot of questions for her . :)

Experience with location Westerly, RI was neutral.
The city is on the coast of the ocean , with a perfect climate . As for finding other work , opportunities exist in motels on the coast , or bars , and most had a second job . I personally did not find it, ( probably not been sufficiently persistent ) , but on the other hand maybe I would not have so much free time to devote tour the surrounding cities , such as I am. If your priority this journey earnings , I suggest you find another job , because the one you will not make that much money - if I do not do at the position server . :)

Experience with employer Ocean House was positive.
Hourly: 10 $ Number of hours per week: Average tip: 90 - 140$ Description Employer: Shift takes about 7-8 hours, except that there is a possibility to send you home early if there is no work, or to stay longer if necessary. Overtime is goooood paid, so ... :) My duties when opening a restaurant were to prepare your desktop to prepare menus, roll ups-e (accessories wrapped in a napkin), prepare computers, programs, check the tables, chairs, assistance servers to prepare as much as possible, provide a list of guests this day arrive in the hotel, in order to know whether there is a notice that must be sorted out ... Smiling you from day to day, there were days when everything went on perfectly, but it was also very stressful days, the guests hard, but it's the job description. My job was to welcome visitors, record their name, arrange seating, and if the crowds do waiting list for the next available table. Managers are always on hand to help you whatever you need and whatever problem you have. Sometimes you will not know the difference between you and the manager because they work just as hard. Honestly, I really like my job and I enjoyed working at Ocean House. This year the experience I would not trade it for anything, and then I went back there. Also, my experience on earnings is positive. Sometimes I did not have the full 40k a week, but I participated in the weekly distribution of tips-and, while all this is compensated. If you have any questions please contact me either here or on facebook called Ivana Jankovic. I hope I have at least a little help. :) Greetings and good luck!

This review represents personal opinion of Ivana Jankovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Ocean House in Westerly, RI.

Aug 14, 2016