Westerly, Weekapaug Inn, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was positive.
The agency is serious , employees were professional and very kind. I would recommend it to anyone who plans to visit the United States through the Work & Travel program.

Experience with location Westerly, RI was positive.
Motel where we were seated, provided by the employer, located at a distance of about 50m from the beach, that is on the coast, which was one of the advantages. However, the beach, and 3 clubs / bars that exist on the beach were the only thing we were close, and what we did not need transportation. For everything else, shops, a bank, a pharmacy, we had to get by, as in there was no public transport, no one of us had a car available. As far as extra work, whoever he wanted, found it. Some even 2 :) It is not very difficult, just need to be determined and go from employer to employer, not until someone says- DA :) As for the girls and nightlife, the beach these 3 teams, which easily bored, or bar you can pop in for a drink whenever you want, because they are so close. And if sometimes organize and provide the car, you will have many more opportunities. There are indeed phenomenal clubs and nightlife at around only 30 minutes drive, as well as many interesting places that you can visit when you have a day off. Relatively close to the Providence (capital), as well as Boston and New York City.

Experience with employer Weekapaug Inn was positive.
Sessions: $ 9.5 Number of hours per week : 20 Average payoff : 80 $ Description Employer: Turndown Attendant is relatively easy position does not require a great physical work, and it is only from 17:30 until 21:30 , so it is ideal as an additional job. Implies the adoption of clean towels , ice, drinks, chocolate bars , lowering the blinds and adjust the atmosphere in the room to sleep, all this while the guests at the dinner .

This review represents personal opinion of N.B. who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Weekapaug Inn in Westerly, RI.

Jul 26, 2016