Ocean House, Westerly, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was positive.
Extremely correct. Quickly respond to e-mails. They do not sell lights, all is as described on the site. All organized starting from the job interview, to transport from the airport to the hotel in NYC where you are accommodated if you choose the option premium. Perfect Agency for someone who goes first, or go it alone. I know at least some 30 students who went through these agencies, and all are satisfied.

Experience with location Westerly, RI was positive.
A little place, a tourist. In May you will rarely see someone, but in July and August will be on the streets of the column of cars that go to the beach. The climate is perfect. Plaza enormous. In addition to the beach there are hotels, restaurants and a few clubs. In the center is Walmart, McDonalds, TJMaxx, Donkey Donuts, Stop & Shop, etc., etc. Very quiet place. After the 4th of July is very easy to find extra work. The town itself is located between New York City and Boston, so that those who are living here and working their days off can be used for a tour of these cities, as well as many small and interesting towns that are located nearby. Accommodation: All students who are working for the Ocean House will be accommodated in motels. This year, international students were in one, and American students in another motel. Both are kidnapped by the beach. The price of accommodation is 100 usd per week which is not little, or no extra cost and quality of accommodation is ok. Rooms with 2,3 and 4 beds. There is a common room where there is a kitchen, laundry room with a tumble dryer and washing, and WIFI internet.

Experience with employer Ocean House was neutral.
9.5 per hour, about 200 monthly bonus, about a week 37 hours Spa attendant is one of the worst positions that you can get at this hotel, primarily due to earnings at all other positions except for the larger kitchen help, and sometimes housekeeping positions. The work is not hard, what's more, the hard part is that you are on your feet all 7,8h because there is no where to sit down (of course, when the manager is not there you can also take a nap if you need not just to sit down). After arriving at work if you work the first shift first thing you are doing is making today's newspapers and magazines, filling a bowl with ice, passing a bottle of water, turning saunas etc. This is followed by wiping dust, mirrors, floors, vacuuming .. When the guests begin to come to oneself is that they introduce, explain where they are, show me how to use a locker, use water and snacks etc. After the guests leave comes the dirty work such as collecting used towels and carry them to the basement where they go to wash. It is necessary to constantly visit all parts of the spa center, such as a gym, swimming pool, male and female locker rooms, rest room, terrace, locker rooms for the beach, etc. in order at any time, everything was perfectly clean and filled with a clean towel, soap, etc. Hotel otherwise has 4 stars and 5 stars SPA center is the largest and terror in the sense that everything has to be perfect for alleged Forbes inspection, which otherwise is visiting each of the hotel ranked 1 year and decides whether retain the same number of stars, or that they will eliminate / add some. The SPA center of most of the staff is very young. And all colleagues, including managers are extremely correct. Menu each time I went out to meet when I asked for the day off, or in the form of scheduling so that I could fit in work on additional work.

This review represents personal opinion of Dušan A. who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Ocean House in Westerly, RI.

Oct 14, 2016